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Yellow Bullet Elite By Hard Rock

Yellow Bullet Elite By Hard Rock

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Yellow Bullet Elite By Hard Rock

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Yellow Bullet Elite from Hard Rock Supp Co.

"Ephedra Extract"

Ephedra Extract:  is a stimulant most commonly used in Chinese medicine. Ephedra Extract derived from the ephedra plant; however it does not contain the alkaloid ephedrine. Supplements containing Ephedra extract are known to produce thermogenic effects when processed through the body. This powerful compound stimulates the brain and raises your heart rate, increases blood pressure, and expands bronchial tubes making it easier to breathe. Users can expect their metabolism to increase due to the thermogenic properties. This in return heats your body and burns body fat. 


“The Gold Standard in Energy and Diet pills.”

YellowBulletElite is the one of the newest fat burners from Hard Rock Supp Co. The extreme profile that makes upYellowBulletElite is based off of the original YellowBullet and Yellow Bullet Xtreme – but with an extra kick!YellowBullet has been a staple name for over 7 years and has helped thousands of satisfied customers achieve their goals in fat reduction and increased energy levels.

Increase Focus*

Burn Calories*

Suppress Appetite*

Become Elite*


Though YellowBullet is still one of the best energizers/thermogenics on the market, Hard Rock knows that there are always those looking for a little extra punch in their energy and diet pills.

This is where YellowBulletElite towers over the competition:

 YellowBulletElite takes 27mg  of ephedra extract, and combines it with a supercharged Gold Standard blend consisting of new DMAA type ingredients like Higenamine, Hordenine, Evodiamine and more! This ensures users an elevated energy and extreme focus sure to last throughout the day! In conjunction with the extremely potent focusing formula, is the addition of white willow bark, phenylethylamine, DMAE Bitartrate and caffeine – making sure you perform at an Elite level all day!

 If you are looking to burn more calories, increase focus and concentration all while melting fat and digesting carbohydrates more efficiently, then Yellow Bullet Elite is your answer!

Don’t settle for silver when you can have Gold!

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