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Xcel Sports Nutrition’s Napalm

Napalm by Xcel Sports Nutrition is part of the new Warfare Series Prohormones. Xcel Napalm is a powerful triple stack combining highly effective doses of Mentabolan, Max LMG, and Cyanostane. The combination of the compounds found in Napalm will produce rock hard muscle gains, rapid increase of strength, and minimal water retention. Xcel Napalm does not convert to estrogen, gains will be very lean with muscle hardening and increased vascularity. The inclusion of the time release agent Carbopol enhances the efficacy of each compound and ensures its delivery into your bloodstream.

 Xcel Sports Napalm is the perfect choice for users looking for huge lean muscle and strength gains!

 Napalm includes the natural strength building compounds 5a-Hydroxy laxogenin and Beta-ecdysterone. These natural compounds were included to further enhance strength and protein synthesis. Also included in each capsule of Napalm is an organ guard formula to help keep you safe on cycle!

 Proper On-Cycle and Post Cycle Support should be used with a cycle of Napalm

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Warfare Series Napalm Anabolic Mass By Xcel Sports Nutrition

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