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Get Vital ZMA and give your body what it needs!

Vital ZMA by Vital Labs 180 Caps


Are you a beast in the gym? Do you push yourself hard? If so, your body may be lacking the proper amounts of ZMA needed! Get Vital ZMA and give your body what it needs! 

ZMA or zinc, magnesium, aspartate is a well known supplement used for years by bodybuilders and power lifters. 

ZMA has shown to raise strength levels and support the strenuous workouts which are common amongst bodybuilders. 

ZMA is not to be taken with products that contain calcium due to the fact that calcium blocks the absorption of zinc. 

This formula also contains Vitamin B6 which helps convert food to energy, helps red blood cells form as well as maintains healthy skin, hair and muscle tone. 

It is common as an athlete to push harder in the gym then most. The harder the workout the better the results, but pushing it to that level has its consequences. The downsides are athletes have reported lower levels of zinc and magnesium. Zinc is crucial to improve performance, immune function, and aids in protein synthesis and cell growth. 

Magnesium is another material vitamin to the human body. Magnesium is essential for bone strength, a strong immune system, nervous system function and proper sleep. 

Vital ZMA brings all these ingredients together to provide your body with what it needs. 

Let's look at how ZMA works. When your working out your muscles brake down, this process is catabolism, and it results in a release of energy. Now the less "catabolic" your muscles are then the faster they recover and repair themselves. This allows you to be less sore and get stronger and bigger faster! ZMA can assist in this process.  

 ZMA is best taken 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach, this will increase absorption with your sleep cycle. 

This supplement is an essential for any bodybuilder or weight trainer, get it now. 



-Increase Strength

-Increase Immune Function

-Increase Muscle Recovery

-Sleep Better 


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