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Vibrance By Prime Nutrition | Hair - Skin - Nails - Vitamins

Vibrance By Prime Nutrition | Hair - Skin - Nails - Vitamins

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Vibrance By Prime Nutrition | Hair - Skin - Nails - Vitamins

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Prime Nutrition Pink Series designed Vibrance to support cell growth in the hair, skin, and nails.
Vibrance enchances beauty from the inside out.

Vibrance | Prime Nutrition | Female Series

If there’s one aspect of our health and well-being that no person on the planet should overlook it is our hair, skin, and nails. Our skin in the largest organ in the body and your hair and nails are actually accessories to your skin. The synergy between the three is a direct reflection on how well you treat your body. Over the course of a person’s lifetime we make millions of new skin cells. These cells are made up of keratin, a powerful protein responsible for healthy skin production.

Just like any other organ in the body, your skin needs proper nutrition and supplementation in order to function at its highest. By following a healthy and balanced diet, one full of green vegetables, fruits, low fat protein sources, and limited sugar you’ll take in plenty of vitamins for optimal and healthy skin care. But like most people out there, getting in your daily allotment of proper foods each day can be an uphill challenge.

Supplementing with Vibrance can make this arduous challenge a little bit easier even for the busiest of people. In each serving of Vibrance we provide you with every vitamin clinically proven to enhance all aspects of healthy skin. We packed the maximum number of vitamins per serving to support optimal levels of keratin and the results were almost immediate. If you want stronger nails, shinier & healthier hair, and skin that is less susceptible to aging and wrinkling then it is vital you implement the priceless vitamins in Vibrance.

Vibrance | Prime Nutrition | Vitamins

Vitamin A – 5000IU Vitamin B1 – 25mg Vitamin B2 – 20mg Vitamin B3 – 50mg Vitamin B5 – 10mg Vitamin B6 – 25mg Vitamin B12 – 50mcg Vitamin C – 300mg Vitamin D3 – 400IU Vitamin E – 30IU Vitamin K – 80mcg Biotin (Vitamin H) – 600mcg