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Tri1umph by Olympus Labs at Legendary Supplements

Triumph by Olympus Labs at Legendary Supplements

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Triumph by Olympus Labs at Legendary Supplements



Tr1umph is designed to give it's users an "abaolic state". By this I mean Olympus Labs had multiple request to product a supplement that provide daily pro-anaboic ingredients, that not only help you build bigger muscle, but help you keep the muscle you already have. The theroy of this supplement is to keep the users in a constant anaboic state, and not a cataboic, muscle wasting state. It is easy to end up in cataboic state. Stress from daily life, not getting enough calories, carbs, protein, fat, sleep, or just sheer genetics can put you in catablic state. Olympus Labs Triumph tries to battle againts this negative muscle wasting state, and provide users with a more anabolic state.


This supplement is designed to be taken long-term, on a daily basis, with no off period reported to be needed, however it's always a good idea to take time off with any supplement.