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Trenavar by German Pharmaceuticals compare to Super Trenabol

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Product Description

Trenavar by German Pharmaceuticals


Trenavar or Trenbolone 


It is said that Trenavar a now popular prohormone compound converts to Trenbolone after it bipasses the liver. Yes we are talking about the anabolic steroid Trenbolone, however it is not as strong as the popular anabolic steroid trenbolone on a mg for mg dosage. It loses some of its potency since it has to bipass the liver(oral dosages). Trenbolone is an injectable steroid and does not bipass the liver so its dosage mg for mg is much stronger. With this being said, Trenavar is still very popular and users generally dose it at higher doses to make it more comparable to the injectable form. Still these statistics can be misleading, many times they are individuals opinions or personal cycles, when clearly genetics, dosages, diet, workout regime all come into play on ones gains or how effective it is compared to an anabolic injectable. I believe one of the most important things that come into play on how effective or strong a Prohormone, in this particular case Trenavar is or can be is one of the biggest untapped areas of the prohormones its self. That is to know each company's manufacturer and legitimacy in its claims or a COA(which we have) which would be almost impossible feat to achieve. So lets elaberate a bit on this. If brand #1 has 80% purity and 20% fillers(not trenavar) and brand number #2 isnt even using trenavar but is marketing it as trenavar which is clearly a big issue in the PH market, not namely because it is not regulated by the FDA but more so from shady companies and/or manufacturers robbing the companies telling them its one compound when its half dosages of another. The key here is to not stop taking pros in general or get worried, its to stick with who can provide evidence. Which we clearly can. And assuming we are company #3 in this comparison, I bring you Trenavar by German Pharmanceuticals! The highest, purest quality Trenavar to hit the market yet, with 95+ % purity of Trenavar per capsule and no fillers/additives, we will even provide the COA(Certificate of Authenticity) Proving this is the best purest Tren on the market. FIY (anything 95%+ purity is almost unheard of in the prohormone industry, or unattainable by the company, this is why they do not provide COA's or statistics, most have no clue what goes into their capsules or if its even the ingredient listed on the bottle!) You have no reason to doubt! What if its not a good company? Who is German Pharma? Will this product work or should i take another company I know and trust? You can't doubt evidence! You cant doubt the truth! We are here to provide the truth and quality at an affordable price!


 Why should you buy Trenavar by German Pharamceuticals?

  • Purest Trenavar PH on the market
  • Laboratory Tested ensuring 100% Trenavar per capsule
  • Certificate of Authenticity Available
  • Absolutely no fillers or other compounds mixed in
  • Pharmaceutical grade raws
  • Manufactured in a GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices Facility) which means its FDA regulated
  • Dosed perfectly to hit the 60mg sweet spot that maximizes gains
  • Results you want and don't have to question???
  • Because it works!

Serving size 1 capsule twice daily spaced 8-12 hours apart.

60 capsules per bottle

4 week supply


Product Reviews

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  1. great results 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Dec 2014

    Been taking this along with 4 andro for 4 weeks and have made great gains in strength, muscle growth, and have been able to drop body fat. Would recommend this to anyone looking to increase strength and size while decreasing their abdominal fat.

  2. Trenavar = Results! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Nov 2014

    I found good muscle gains and endurance with Trenavar. Fat loss helped with the results over a 3 week period

  3. Best Tren Product yet! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2014

    I have to admit I bought this about 3 weeks ago and was going to wait until finished to write my review, but the gains have been so substantial I know that this is the best tren product I have ever taken. I have taken elite tren by elite formulations, super trenabol by blackstone labs, and many other tren products as this is my go to Prohormone, blackstone is known for their quality and products working, I have to say they are over hyped and over priced because of there branding. This product is superior and I got it on the 50% off sale legendary supplements was having so it was only $19.99! I bought 5 more bottles with my last paycheck to stock up before the sale is over. Now for the cycle. I had initially decided to use this as a recomp cycle, but after week 1 I changed my diet and workout to a bodybuilding regime and decided to use it for a lean bulk, hoping not to add any BF% to my astonishment, after not checking my stats for 2 weeks(weeks 2 and 3) I had actually gained 9lbs and went down half a % in body fat, I couldnt believe it, I was not even on a low carb diet as i was trying to bulk, but bulk fairly clean. Hands down this stuff is top quality!