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Towering Labs News At Legendary Supplements

Towering Labs News At Legendary Supplements

Towering Labs News


Legendary Supplements has been getting a lot of questions to our team, about people inquiring about the company Towering Labs. Specifically Towering Labs SARMS, and Towering Labs raw research powders. Legendary Supplements is not planning on ever carrying the line Towering Labs as we looked into this company and it seems this is a research company. Their products and supplements shoudl only be taken for research purposes only the company states in a news release. We not recommend you taking anything from this website as even the company states it's for researches only. We only carry legal dietary supplements, that are legal in all fifty states here in the USA. So we cannot, and unfortunetly will not be carrying "Towering Labs" SARMS or research powders unfortunately. 


To view hard-core prohormones that Legendary Supplements does carry, and that legal, visit our prohormone category.