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Well those days of terrible sides such as bloating, acne, drop in libido and terrible crash after you ceased use are over. Introducing our first release in our Designer Anabolics line EpiDrol!

EpiDrol is a compound thats not only extremely effective at building muscle mass and strength due to its very high anabolic score, but is also an extremely effective anti-estrogen thats been used safely for years in Japan.

EpiDrol is an extremely potent compound. It has about a 12 to 1 anabolic to androgenic ratio, which is very good, and nearly as good as oxandrolone (Anavar) or even greater, depending upon where you look. EpiDrol has around 11 times the anabolic activity of methyltestosterone after oral administration.

As mentioned above EpiDrol is extremely safe as well. It has no reported progestational activity. EpiDrol has demonstrated anti-estrogenic effects in both rodent models and humans and was even used to treat breast cancer in women. It has even been suggested as a means of treating gynecomastia. What you can expect from EpiDrol Amazing Strength Increase 57 pounds increase on bench press in 6 weeks is average among users. Increase Lean Muscle Mass 7-15 pounds in just 6 weeks is common!

  • No Water Retention Whatsoever No Bloating Just Pure Muscle!
  • Gynocomastia Protection
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Training Intensity
  • Sense of Euphoria (Well-Being)
  • Possible Reductions in Gynocomastia
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