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Synephrine HCL at Legendary Supplements

Synephrine at Legendary Supplements


Synephrine HCL at Legendary Supplements

Synephrine HCL in the OxyXtreme by Brand New Energy, is a naturally occurring compound. It is considered an Alkaloid. It can be found naturally in certain plant species, and is extracted from these plants, and then mass produced in popular diet supplement for human consumption. It is not a synthetic lab made compound. After real Ephedra was fronded upon, DMAA, Amp Citrate and other top hardcore ingredients, the spot light has turned and now the spotlight is on Synephrine HCL. This compound, in its users, creases energy level and your overall metabolism at a significantly higher rate than normal.



Synephrine HCL at Legendary Supplements

It’s proven that Synephrine HCL targets your brain directly at the source, for its weight loss and energy effects. Let me explain further, adrenergic receptors in the human brain, are what is targeted by this ingredient. These receptors indirectly effect your body’s cells, these cells that are targeted increase your energy output levels by stimulating your nervous system.