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Super Laxo by Primeval Labs (Laxogenin)

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Super Laxo by Primeval Labs (Laxogenin)
  • Mega Cycle Support 2.0

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Super laxo Genin by Primeval Labs 180ct.


Super laxo by Primeval Labs is the strongest Laxogenin on the market. Like always Primeval Labs has outdone themeselves ones again with a superior product at an amazing price.


Laxogenin is known as a a natural muscle builder. This particular substance is a natural plant steroid that have been around since the prohormone era. It has been compared to the synthetic steroid Anavar, which is known to be a high dollar black market product with significant size and strength gains. These gains are "lean and dry".

The strongest Laxogenin on the market? - Answer: YES

Super Laxo is the strongest laxogenin on the market not because it packs the most per pill, but because it packs the most per serving and bottle.


How does Super Laxo stack up against competitors?

Super laxo has a whopping 20mg per capsule at 180 capsules per bottle which calculates into 3600mg per bottle. The leading competitors (blackstone labs) has 25mg 60ct bottle for a mere 1500mg per bottle.


How Should Super Laxo be dosed?

Super Laxo can be dosed at 3-6 capsules per day or more if desired. (60-120mg). 160-180mg is expected from more hardcore users wanting to illicit large strength and size gains from a natural product.


How long can Super Laxo be taken?

Although the manufacturer typically states 8 week cycles some of our more hardcore users will go to the extreme as other companies have stated it being safe in 12-16 week cycles. 1 bottle will get you through a 4 week cycle at 6 capsules per day or (120mg) per day.


Should I take Post Cycle Therapy(PCT)?

We recommend following up with Primeval Labs Mega PCT after your cycle and taking the same time off cycle after the PCT is completed that you were on cycle. i.e. 8 weeks on Super Laxo take 8 weeks off(after PCT) before starting another cycle of any anabolic.



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    Surprisingly effective

    Posted by Louis Dwyer on 23rd Dec 2015

    I have been using 6 capsules a day (3+3) for about 3 weeks and I have already seen a huge improvement.
    Before taking Super Laxo I was losing strength due to my calorie restricted diet and workout frequency (including cardio). After taking Super Laxo I kept the calories, workouts and cardio the same but my strength is going up and I have dropped from a 32.5" waist to a 31.5". I look and feel better than ever.
    I honestly could not have done this without the product. Thank you Primeval Labs and Jerry Ward!

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