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RKT-GH by Primeval Labs

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Primeval Labs RKT GH Growth Hormone Supplement

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RKT-GH by Primeval Labs



                The “Hunger Hormone”, Ghrelin, is a 28 amino acid long peptide that is secreted in the stomach and released into the


bloodstream. It acts directly on receptors in the stomach to increase gastric motility and gastric acid secretion. The activation of these


receptors results in an increase in activity of certain neuronal systems involved in appetite and energy homeostasis.  Activation also


stimulates the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland in a significant manner.  There now appears to be a natural herbal


medicine from Japan that has the same end results as the synthetic Ghrelin analogs, Rikkunshito. 






         Rikkunshito is classified in Japan as a “Kampo” medicine, which are traditional herbal medicines which have been approved for


medicinal use by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.  Rikkunshito was reported to regulate ghrelin secretion, ghrelin receptor


sensitization, and ghrelin degradation, suggesting that Rikkunshito synergistically promotes endogenous ghrelin activity.  In 20 published


trials of Rikkunshito, most evidence showed a beneficial effect in patients suffering from various kinds of gastrointestinal distress,


including loss of appetite, constipation, and generalized discomfort.  Rikkunshito does appear to improve appetite, gastric motility, and


overall gut function and it improved heartburn in patients in whom conventional proton pump inhibitor medications (e.g., omeprazole,


pantoprazole) were not effective.  






Take 4-8 capsules daily, split between morning and evening.