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Revolution Test Stack by Finalflex | Legendary Supplements

Revolution Test Stack by Finalflex

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Revolution Test Stack by Finalflex

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Revolution Test Stack by Finaflex

The most cost effective stack for prohormone cycles. Finaflex has a great combo here by utilizing the two bottle stack pack it has made this a go to supplement for people wanting to take prohormone cycles. Why? for two main reasons: one being it works really well. Users have reported in reviews all over the internet its effectiveness. Two being the price point is great considering most PCT supplements start in the $30 plus range and go upwards from there. So getting the two bottle combo is great way to save money and get a great supplement stack.

Support Healthy Testosterone Levels. Heart, Liver, & Prostate Shield. Revitalize Energy Levels. TWO BOTTLE STACK PACK REVOLUTION TEST STACK by FINAFLEX is designed to skyrocket testosterone levels by combining two dual performance products into one all-encompassing SUPER STACK. Powered by REVOLUTION PCT BLACK and PURE TEST, FINAFLEX delivers the ultimate testosterone matrix that promotes increased energy levels, elevated testosterone levels, and helps maintain a healthy sex drive.

Can this supplement be taken alone?

Yes you can take this as a stand-alone cycle, since it has an actual test booster in the PCT as well you could make this an 8 Week Stack. More commonly this product is taken with prohormone cycles. Generally the Test Booster is taken while on your prohormone cycle for most people 4 weeks and the PCT Black is generally used for Post Cycle Therapy. PCT is usually taken for 4 weeks after the prohormone cycle to block estrogen levels from rising and boost T Levels back to normal so you body can keep the gains from your cycle.