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Xcel Sports Nutrition Reaper DNA


Reaper by Xcel Sports Nutrition joins the DNA Series as the most advanced cutting prohormone available anywhere! Reaper has been specifically formulated for the sole purpose of getting you absolutely shredded. Xcel Sports Reaper will provide deeper muscle seperation, increased vascularity, dry lean muscle mass, and enhanced strength & endurance. Xcel Sports Reaper is a quad stack of the best cutting prohormone compounds on the market. Reaper combines Furazadrol, Epistane, Trenavar, and Arimistane at their most effective doses. This prohormone combination is designed to give users increased muscle mass and strength with minimal water retention resulting in a lean, dry, muscular physique. Xcel Sports Reaper is a powerful prohormone for experienced users. Proper On-Cycle and Post Cycle Support should be used with a cycle of Reaper.

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Reaper DNA by Xcel Sports Nutrition

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