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Quad Methyl Xtreme by EPG |

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Product Description

For Years EPG has produced the most infamous triple stack on the market with Tri Methyl Xtreme. NOW, help us in welcoming the highly anticipated follow-up to a true classic: Quad Methyl Xtreme from Extreme Products Group.


Quad Methyl Xtreme combines 4 of the most sought after pro hormone compounds on the market to form a synergistic formula unmatched by any other stack available. Don’t be fooled though, unlike other companies, EPG doesn’t use window dressing – ALL formulations are researched, thought out, and tested, to ensure the highest quality ingredients go into the highest quality products at the proper doses.



What’s inside?

*Per 2 capsule serving:


50mg DMZ


30mg Trenavar


60mg M14ADD


80mg Hexadrone


Comprehensive Compound Breakdown:




 DMZ, originally made popular by iForce’s Dymethazine in 2009, is an azine compound, which when taken at 25-50mg per day, can give users effects similar to Superdrol. DMZ has the unique ability to generate muscle mass and strength gains, but what makes this compound superior to other methylated compounds is it’s 0% affinity for converting to estrogen. *DMZ has minimal androgenic properties, which makes its’ toxicity on the liver almost non-existent.




Trenavar, when dosed at 30mg per day, is one of the strongest single compounds for effectively adding muscle gain. Trenavar is known to have an affinity for the androgen receptor, meaning it is an extremely powerful, anabolic compound.




M14ADD was originally made popular by CEL and has since become one of the most popular methylated compounds to stack with. M14ADD is an extremely wet compound that promotes intense gains in muscle mass and all around size gains. Because of this EPG has combined this extremely potent ingredient with compounds that compliment the dramatic increases in muscle density that M14ADD promotes. 



The future of Androgens: Hexadrone.


When dosed at 50-100mg per day, Hexadrone promotes dry muscle mass with low toxicity (non-methylated). Due to its chemical structure (ethylated) this compound is ideal to stack with methylated compounds. In addition, Hexadrone cannot not convert to estrogen and has an extremely high anabolic rate (anabolic:androgenic).



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  1. Best gains so far 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Oct 2014

    Gained 15lbs of muscle in the 4 weeks cycle. Epg has best products love quad methyl xtreme. Highly recommend