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PROTEIN CHIPS by QUEST NUTRION - 8 - 32 gram bags

          Flavor: BBQ

Chips Aren't what they used to be...

Chips have always been delicious. No argument there. But the carb-loaded snacks have always been reserved for cheat days or impulsive munching... until now.

With 21 grams of high-quality protein per bag, Quest Protein Chips are the ONLY chips you can enjoy at the gym, on-the-go, or as an anytime snack completely guilt-free.

In fact, guilt has nothing to do with it. Every bold, mouthwatering flavor has only 5g total carbs and zero junk ingredients, so eat the whole bag!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Bag

Calories: 120

Calories from Fat: 15

Protein: 21g

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