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ProSupps L Leucine Matrix 250 50 servings - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

ProSupps L Leucine Matrix 250 50 servings

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ProSupps L Leucine Matrix 250 50 servings

L-LEUCINE MATRIX 250, teams up L-Leucine, with metabolites HMB and HICA, creating the most anabolic, non-hormonal, product on the market. L-Leucine is the only amino acid that can directly stimulate, and increase capacity for, protein synthesis in muscle cells. Keeping your body in an anabolic state is crucial for anyone trying to build lean muscle mass or preserve muscle while cutting fat. Add a scoop to your Pre, Intra, or Post workout shake.

  • Directly stimulate protein synthesis/muscle growth
  • Rapid muscle recovery from intense training
  • Promote anabolic environment
  • Halt catabolism/muscle breakdown
  • Enhance immune system response
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