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Prohormones At Legendary Supplements

Prohormones At Legendary Supplements

Prohormones at Legendary Supplements

In 2015, and leading into 2016, prohormones have become a word wide choice for hard-core supplements users, especially for adult men. If your knew to prohormones, you can easily have so many questions relating to the topic of prohormone supplements, ranging from all the ingredients, to all the different names, to legality of them in the United Sates, and more. We compiled a summary to update you about Prohormones leading into twenty sixteen, to help guide you, and to help educate you where to start, and what direction to take to help you on your way using these supplements.

First let’s talk about the brands that are leading the industry right now. To make our list these supplement brands have to build for quality, effectiveness, and sheer overall popularity from its users.

First the leading hardcore prohormone brand that has been around for years I might add, is in fact Blackstone Labs. It drives in at first place meeting all three of our qualifications. Ran and started by two friends, Aoran Singerman (CEO), and PJ Braun (President) of the company. Users will notice their attention to quality from the affects they receive from using their supplements. Downfalls are since they are now an established brand, and well know, they can be a little pricy at some stores. But when you Buy Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements you find the cheapest prices in the world for their supplements overall.

Second were going to talk about a new, very reputable company called Primeval Labs. They stormed the market in 2015 with over 15 new supplements, most belonging to the category (SARMS), which are thought of as prohormones as well. Primeval Labs makes are list of top brands as well, and meets all our qualifications. Their attention to bring and drive quality hard-core supplements to the market is not unnoticed. Their on the cutting edge on innovative supplements, and filling a big gap left in the market after the prohormone bad over a year ago. After the ban almost all popular pros got discontinued or banned, in the United States, but Primeval Labs brought on a whole new line of legal anabolic in 2015, and leading into 2016 were expecting even more new supplements from the company.

Third IronMag Labs, a hardcore based supplement/prohormone company ran by owner and CEO Robert Dimaggio. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re probably new the hardcore supplement market. Our opinion is that IronMag Labs is the most respected trusted legal underground company in the USA date. They have been since the beginning of prohormones, and aren’t going anywhere fast. Their newest and most exciting release lately is their new Super DMZ 4.0 supplement!

Official Top 3 Prohormone Brand List

  1. Blackstone Labs
  2. Primeval Labs
  3. IronMag Labs


People are discovering prohormones, and the powerful muscle building effects of prohormones in the United States at an astounding rate! Legendary Supplements would like to think that we have the best prohormones in the world here, and in-stock! We have worked hard so you don't have to, to offer our customers cheap prohormones. Notably I might add that after the prohormone ban HR 4771 last year made a lot of these hard-core supplements disappear. But in 2015 LegendarySupplements.com has a whole new arsenal ready for our hard-core guys. We now offer Osta prohormones, Laxogenin prohormones, Andro prohormones, and many more that are still available and legal prohormones in the USA.