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Prohormones at Legendary Supplements

Prohormones at Legendary Supplements


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A Prohormone, also know commonly as pro-anabolic ingredient, is commonly thought of as a prohormone supplement, intended, and designed to increase lean muscle mass in it's users. When taking a prohormone, it is not a hormone itself, like you might be thinking. It is instead a forerunner of a hormone. What is the meaning of a prohormone? The definition of a prohormone, according to LegendarySupplements.com experts, is that a prohormone is not a hormone itself, instead, a prohormone aplifies, or changes an exsisting hormone in the body. This effect triggers a response that creates an anabolic enviroment that is responsible for the crazy muscle gains that prohoromone supplements are known for.




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Over the years Legendary Supplements has become the number one choice for millions of people in the United States, and around the world for Prohormones. We strive offer the most hard-core cutting edge Prohormone and anabolic supplements available today, that are still legal in the USA. The average person that makes the leap into trying one of these hardcore formulations, is generally the guy that is tired of being at a plateau, and not seeing the results he wants to see in the gym. These supplements are generally considered a gray area between all the more regular supplements on the market, and anab**ic St**oids. The reason these supplements are so popular, is because they generally have low side effects compared to black market alternatives, and are manufactured and distributed by big reputable brands, such as Primeval Labs and Blackstone Labs. People have come trust these major hard-core brands for giving Americans, and everyone else around the world, an innovative new muscle building approach that actually works.


Prohormones are insanely popular muscle building dietary supplements that can dramatically enhance muscle mass, power, recovery and overall performance in athletes and bodybuilders alike. For men that are looking increase their anabolic ratio and give them a hardcore edge in the gym, prohormones are more safe, legal, and powerful alternative to other b**ned substances. Prohormoens are effective at building muscle mass that can be completely lean muscle mass, or just straight up all out muscle mass gains. This gains users typicaly see depend greatly on the ingredient being used. You can easily see why Prohormones can be a more safe, popular alternative to black market ster**ds




Definition of a Prohormone

The definition of a Prohormone can be a wide question, depending greatly on what ingredient you defining. However in the end all supplements that belong to the class have the same objective or common relation. First to be able to belong to this definition, the ingredient must be forerunner or a hormone. A pro itself, to be legal is not normally a direct copy of hormone, and generally doesn't have much hormonal effect on it's own. But the ingredient in a prohormone supplement normally leads to a component, where another substance can be formed, "hormone" it's trying to target.


Legality of Prohormones

There are some that are legal, and some that are not. At LegendarySupplements.com all of the ones you see are legal in the USA as our experts keep a tight watch on them. If an ingredient is made illegal to sell, we discontinue it asap at we only sell supplements and ingredients legal in the United States. We do ship and sell worldwide, with that being said you will need to check with your local state and federal laws in your country to make sure you are 100% ok before ordering. This is your responsibility to know the laws in your country pertaining to Prohormones.


Women and Prohormones

For the most part, our experts advise women to completely stay away for anabolic/pro supplements just to be safe. There are some in this category women can take, but often times at a lower dosage the recommended daily serving on the bottle. If you not sure just ask our expert support on what you can or cannot take as a woman.


Side effects of Prohormones

Like any supplements, there is a possibility of having side-effects. This is a very broad question, and can only be properly explained if you know the ingredient in question. Common side-effects of "some", not "all" prohormones, include elevated estrogen, decreased natural test production, mood swings, elevated libido drive, acne, dehydration. If you are a healthy adult, and take a cycle in a professional way, reading the descriptions and supplement facts on the bottle, and not to take it longer than the recommended amount of time, side-effects are dramatically reduced, and almost non-existent.


1-Andro Prohormone

A 1-Andro prohormone converts to 1-Testosterone after your body converts the 1-Androsterone in the body. This ingredient has a lot of benefits, and is often used in prohormone supplements that advertise lean muscle mass, libido, strength, it's more of a lean mass, cutting prohormone ingredient. Water retention and estrogen related side-effects are virtually non-existant in 1-Andro single stack supplements. This ingredient is one of the most popular, legal prohormones in the United States today in 2017. This ingredient in non-liver toxic, (non methylated), and is generally taken for four to eight weeks cycles, followed by a proper PCT supplement. Generally men only will use this ingredient. Women have been know to use it in low dosages if they compete, or are a bodybuilder, but it is not recommended at all by Legendary Supplements experts for them to use it.


4-Andro Prohormone

The prohormone 4-Andro has several names it goes by, including 4-Andro, 4-Androsterone. This prohormone ingredient is legal in the USA has been around for over a decade. Supplements with this ingredient have the noted positive benefits of increasing libido, strength, stamina, muscle volume, and increased recovery time. Sounds to good be true? It's not, and answer is simpler than you might think. 4-Andro after ingested, is converted to testosterone in the body. It is only legal because it's not testosterone in the pill form, but the human body converts the 4-Androsterone into testosterone after it metablizes the DHEA by the time it enters the blood stream. It's well known fact that the main male hormone in men is testosterone, and testosterone is responsible for the development and maintenance of manly sex characteristics, including dense musle mass.