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Primeval Labs SHRED IT “hers” + Fat Targeting Thermogenic + Intense energy + Appetite control + Designed for Women


Powerhouse all-natural ingredients + Green Coffee Bean + Green Tea + Garcinia Cambogia + 5-HTP






Whats in SHRED IT®  hers By Primeval Labs? 











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Shred It diet supplement review

Two weeks into my Shred It diet supplement, i'm currently 223 pounds at 5' 7", and i'm 37 years old. So far by the way I "feel" on Shred It hers is not much at all, I don't feel jittery or heated real bad or anything. I'm pretty sure I feel completely normal so far. No negative reactions so far. I have however seen a noticeable difference in my appetite. I'm self employed at a laundry business where I have quick access to a kitchen all day long... You can see where my problem lies. But i've noticed a decrease in my appetite a lot and now i'm taking in less calories and seems easy to stay away from my cravings lately.

Great appetite suppression

This is ridiculous I lost 5 pounds already in the first 10 days? Great for a natural supplement. Shred It Hers is becoming a favorite for me, crazy a** S***.