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Pacific Health Endurox R4

Pacific Health Endurox R4

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Pacific Health Endurox R4 is the industry defining post workout recovery supplement that patented the 4:1 carb to protein ratio.

You’ve done it! You’ve just completed the most intense, grueling, and PR-breaking workout in your life. You’ve made some major gains and are feeling better than ever. That is until, the next morning you wake up and you’re so horrendously sore, you can’t even roll out of bed!


What happened? Just yesterday you were squatting 315 for reps, and today, you can’t even squat to sit on the sofa!


While you might have taken a great pre workout, and even used the proper intra workout, you didn’t use any post workout recovery aid to keep the debilitating soreness at bay and support optimal recovery.


What you’re missing is Endurox R4, the most revolutionary exercise recovery supplement on the market!


Why Post Workout Nutrition?


The concept of the “anabolic” window first came to light in the late 1980s, as sports scientists sought to investigate the possibility of nutrient timing. Sure, it made sense to eat something following a rigorous training session, but there was no real understanding of how different nutrient impacted recovery and muscle growth.


Pacific Health founder Dr. Robert Portman actually coined the term “metabolic window of opportunity”, which is known today as the “recovery window” -- that crucial time immediately following a workout where what you consume (and in what amounts) can significantly enhance your ability to recover faster and beat back soreness.


Immediately following exercise, certain metabolic pathways are “turned on” and by providing the precise combination of nutrients they need during the “recovery window” greatly enhances the body’s ability to replenish glycogen and boost protein synthesis, which accelerates recovery and sparks muscle growth!


Endurox R4 was formulated to maximize the recovery window thereby helping athletes recover faster, more efficiently, with less muscle damage from their training. Better recovery over the long term makes for a healthier, better athlete who can continue to perform at a high level for years on end.


Backed by Science!


There’s an awful lot of formulas on the market billed as “recovery” supplements, but very few of them actually have scientific backing proving their efficacy with well-trained individuals. However, Endurox R4 has more than 18 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating its power and efficacy using a patented 4:1 carb-protein ratio.


Compared to conventional carbohydrate sports drinks, research showed that Endurox R4:


  • 128% increase in glycogen replenishment

  • 36% reduction in muscle damage

  • 400% increase in protein synthesis

  • 55% greater endurance in subsequent workout


As you can see, Endurox R4 not only enhances your ability to recover, but also improves your performance in the next day’s workout!


Too Much Sugar?


Everyone, athletes included, are extremely carb and sugar sensitive these days. The mere mention of the word potato has people running the opposite direction. But, remember, your body runs best when supplied with the appropriate amount of carbohydrates.


Following a tough workout, glycogen stores are depleted, and the quick infusion of simple sugars along with some fast-digesting protein will greatly enhance glycogen replenishment meaning you’re less sore and ready to perform again the following day.


Additionally, after training, your body is primed to put any nutrients to use immediately to repair and rebuild the muscles you were just breaking down. That means you don’t have to worry about all those sugars being stored as fat -- they’re going to your muscles to repair, rebuild, and grow!


Endurox R4 supplies the precise amount of carbohydrates and protein your body needs to maximize recovery and growth with no fat gain to worry about!


Key Features


Each serving of Endurox R4 provides:


  • 52g fast digesting carbohydrates

  • 13g protein from whey protein

  • Essential electrolytes including calcium, sodium, and potassium

  • Crucial minerals like magnesium

  • L-Glutamine for better recovery

  • Vitamins C & E for antioxidant support

Stop dealing with debilitating DOMS after a tough training day, drink Endurox R4 immediately following training for superior recovery, better performance, and greater muscle growth!