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Pacific Health Accelerade - Premium Intra Workout Fuel

Pacific Health Accelerade

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Pacific Health Accelerade is the ultimate performance enhancing sports beverage for hard training athletes.

Hard training athletes place incredible demands on their bodies on a daily basis. During intense training and competition, athletes push themselves to the brink in the pursuit of the ultimate glory -- dominating their opponent.


However, when pushing the boundaries of human performance, you’re burning calories at an incredibly fast weight as well as losing essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes through sweat. Water alone isn’t enough to sustain the high level of performance commanded of athletes. But those other sugar bombs masquerading as sports drinks don’t do much good either.


A true athlete needs a precise, clinically-researched blend of ingredients to replenish lost nutrients and provide the fuel needed to sustain performance long past the final whistle.


A true athlete needs Accelerade!


Ground-Breaking Formula!


First launched in 2001, Accelerade revolutionized the sports performance beverage category utilizing a patented 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, represented a dramatic shift from typical carb-only sports drinks and water frequently used by athletes. Pacific Health had its team of top-level researchers use the latest science and innovation in the field of sports nutrition to create a formula that challenged conventional dogma. The addition of protein along with carbohydrates yielded a product that blew away the competition and benefitted athletes of all sports!


More than just Electrolytes!


Although electrolytes are crucial to ensuring proper muscle function and optimal hydration, too many sports drinks are electrolyte only (isotonic) formulas. The problem with these options is that it spits in the face of numerous scientific studies documenting the advantage carbohydrates brings to isotonic formulas. In fact, including carbs activates a transport system that enables the body to absorb more water! On top of that, adding some protein to the mix, activates yet another pathway that encourage even greater water uptake for superior hydration and performance!


Better than Plain Water!


The problem with drinking just plain water is that it’s really a poor tool for rehydration. See, water needs some type of active transport system, usually via sodium or carbohydrates, to get into your muscle cells. That’s yet another reason Accelerade has included electrolytes, protein, and carbohydrates -- to further enhance hydration and nutrient absorption.


But there’s carbs...


So many people are worried about carbs, but for the hard-training athlete, those carbs will be put to immediate use as energy. There’s no need to worry about storing them as fat around your waste.


Carbs fuel performance, and for athletes looking to optimize performance, the carbs will be the push they need to run past the competition and secure victory.


Simply put, athletes need carbs and Accelerade delivers them exactly when you need them!


Backed by Science


Over 10 peer-reviewed clinical studies have been performed on Accelerade. When compared to conventional sports drinks or water, Accelerade blew away the competition. Specifically, Accelerade was documented to:


  • Increase endurance by 29%

  • Reduce muscle damage by 83%

  • Enhance rehydration by 15%


The science is clear -- Accelerade is the only choice for hard-training athletes looking to quickly and efficiently replenish lost nutrients and maintain athletic performance!


Sustained Performance


Research has well established even the slightest bit of dehydration (as little as 2%!) can lead to poor athletic performance. Dehydration leads to increased heart rate, decreased blood flow, increased core body temperature, reduced focus, and lackluster muscle function. An athlete’s sports drink should provide rapid and effective hydration at a bare minimum, and ideally, provide something to sustain, and even enhance, performance.


Accelerade uses a research-backed formula to deliver superior hydration and the optimal fuel to support athletes during the most critical times.

Key Features


Each serving of Accelerade provides:


  • 21g fast digesting carbohydrates

  • 5g whey protein concentrate

  • Essential electrolytes including sodium and potassium

  • Vital minerals like magnesium

  • Antioxidant support from Vitamins C & E

Athletes have demanded a superior sports performance drink, Accelerade from Pacific Health is the answer!