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OxyXtreme by Brand New Energy at Legendary Supplements

Oxy Xtreme by Brand New Energy at Legendary Supplements

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Oxy Xtreme by Brand New Energy at Legendary Supplements

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OxyXtreme by Brand New Energy at Legendary Supplements



OxyXtreme is new diet supplement formula by Brand New Energy that is taking people everywhere by storm... Literally! The formula in this supplement was created for hardcore weight loss, to actually target stubborn belly fat and those hard to target areas that store fat. At the same time, the supplement was carefully formulated to give its users a sense of "feeling good energy". Popular hardcore diet supplements of the past like the original OxyElite Pro are gone forever... Will OxyXtreme be sufficient and strong enough to become the world's next #1 fat burner? With four hundred and ninety six milligrams of OxyXtreme blend in every single capsule, this supplement will put your body's metabolism, energy levels, and mental focus into overdrive, and turn your body into a fat burning machine, an Xtreme fat burning machine.

So many factors can lead to your upward spiral of you gaining weight. Generally, it happens over time, as we age, stress, and really just our overall lifestyle choices. One of the biggest factors, and I think most people will agree, is someone’s overall health generally leads back to facts of weather or not they are overweight, or at the right healthy weight. Why live your life being tired, lethargic feeling, and being overweight when you can do something about it? First let's get you more active, get you eating healthier, and get your metabolism up so you burn more and more calories from day to day, leading to you being able to lose weight. Take the first step and buy OxyXtreme by Brand New Energy today, when taken daily, this supplement will make your energy levels go through the roof, as well as put you in a better mood, while attacking stubborn body fat at the same time. 




OxyXtreme Synephrine HCL


Synephrine HCI from a first glance seems like a lab synthesized compound, when in reality it’s much simpler, but just as extreme. This ingredient has the ability to have the effects on your body as a hardcore stimulant, the effects of raising your metabolic rate (metabolism) even when resting, without the effects of intense increase heart rate and blood pressure that high amounts of a stimulant, like caffeine, produce. This ingredient is so powerful by itself, it’s crazy that it’s only one piece of the puzzle here. Benefits have been noted to also decrease your overall appetite throughout the day, helping to carve your cravings. Synephrine HCI works by directly targeting your brains adrenergic receptors, which in short stimulant your bodies’ central nervous system to turn you into a fat burning machine. The best part? Yes, it’s found naturally in oranges… That’s right.



OxyXtreme AMP 9Adenosine-5’-Mo-nophosphate


Again crazy ingredient name right? Is this the mother lode of boosting your metabolism? Well, yes. This ingredient in OxyXtreme is know more commonly I would say as 5'-adenylic acid. The effects are pretty awesome, and supplementing this ingredient into your diet helps cells dramatically carry energy inside your body within your cells to be carried out. This is huge part of how your metabolism works to carry out energy, and will really help a lot increasing your metabolism and energy expenditure.



OxyXtreme N-Methylpentyl-iminoglutaric Acid


N-Methylpentyl-iminoglutaric Acid is the ingredient responsible for the “feel good” mood I was telling you about a little big above in this article. This targets or effects your enzymes signaling, and stimulatory responses giving you the “feel good energy” you want!



OxyXtreme Hordenine HCL


Hordenine in this supplement is wide spread accepted, and used as a central nervous system as well. Much like the effects of the AMP ingredient above, it boost your metabolism by stimulating your nervous to stimulate and to promote your metabolism, to increase overall weight loss. You can find Hordenine HCL naturally, since it’s an alkaloid. Do you eat barely? Then you are already consuming small amounts of Hordenine!



OxyXtreme Pikatropin


Pikatropin is very interesting because it actually contains two sub ingredients that when combined together, forme “Pikatropin”. Niacin being extremely, extremely common in pre-workout formulas, and Gaba, is use in your central neverous system, as a Neurotransmitter. Gaba is very good for overall nerve health as it helps the brain communicate information throughout your body. It’s considered an Amino Acid as well.


OxyXtreme Huperzia Serrata Club Moss Extract



This ingredient has pretty big array of submitted benefits. However we believe that this ingredient was formulated in this formula to help to relax your muscles, and increase blood flow. Two of the wide spread noted benefits of Club Moss.



OxyXtreme Guarana Seed Extract


Guarana Seed Extract is another form of a stimulant in this supplement. Guarana does contain caffeine, and the stimulant effects can be compared to a strong cup of coffee in comparison. Many diet supplements note that Gurana has appetite suppression capabilities, however I would say that is in close relation the energy effects, and mental focus received by the caffeine in Guarana.


OxyXtreme Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract


This ingredient was supplemented into OxyXtreme as a support product for overall general health. It will help with hypertension. It's main goal is to keep increased blood pressure down, instead of high, when taking this supplement.














OxyXtreme Refrences

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    Just finished my second day on this supplement.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Oct 2015

    Great so far. I definently feel the energy and mental focus at work. Will be on day there tomorrow and it'd making my days at work much better with the increased energy. Can't wait to see results in weight loss aheqd .