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Olympus Labs Ostarine

Ostarine By Olympus Labs


Olympus Labs Ostarine is now available at Legendary Supplements. This supplement is also known as "Ostar1ne" with a one in it. Ostarine, also known as a SARM, and also known as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. This ingredients scientific name is also known as MK-2866. The company called GTX actually invented this ingredient, as it was trying to find a way to prevent muscle wasting. Where does the SARM name come from? Well because Ostarine can selectively target some areas, while not others. SARMS create selective anabolic activity in muscles. Helping you to gain lean "real" muscle mass. Ostarine directly targets your bodies androgen receptors to signal a direct expression of certain specific genes, this allows Ostarine to enhance your ability to grow new mass at an accelerated rate. This also allows a decreased chance of side effects that other similar prohormones can cause.


What can Ostarine By Olympus Labs do for me?


This supplements main ingredient is effective at building lean quality muscle mass. This supplement can be used for bulking related goals, but it's primarily used by people trying to cut and get leaner, while also building lean quality muscle mass. With this supplement, we would consider it belonging to the class of "dry" prohormones. Let me explain, this supplement does not cause excess water retention in huge amounts, if even at all. You will notice an increase in muscle volume, definition, recovery, and strength. However what most users don't see is excess, "puffy" water weight, or estrogen problems. This is great news! I know


Can women use Ostarine By Olympus Labs?


Yes women are starting to use Ostarine more and more. This supplement contains Ostarine only, other than a very small amount of Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, and Gelatin. This means that since Ostarine is female friendly, women can use this supplement. However with this being said women generally do want to go over ten milligrams a day of this ingredient. Women under the age of twenty one should not take this supplement, and women that are pregnant or nursing should not take this supplement. It is possible for women to have side effects with this supplement, however side effects are virtually non-existent. As all big hard-core companies that make similar supplements directly say that "women can use Ostarine, just at a much lower dose". This allows a major decrease in potential side effects that women don't ever want. This is one supplement that women should be flocking to. Not very many potential supplements that can do what this one does, make the cut for females.


How long can I can take Ostarine by Olympus Labs?


This ingredient is non-liver toxic. However a really good cycle support can still be taken to minimize any chance of possible side-effects.
























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