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Osta Rx
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OSTA Rx By Iron Mag Labs at Legendary Supplements

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Product Description

OSTA Rx By Iron Mag Labs

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- Powerful Pro-Anabolic Compound
- Increases Lean Muscle Mass
- Increases Strength & Endurance
- Promotes Fat Loss
- Promotes Recovery
- Increases Libido
- Safe for Males & Females

Osta Rx™ is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. A SARM is exactly what it sounds like: a compound (not an anabolic steroid) which has the ability to stimulate the androgen receptor (much the same way as anabolic steroids). Osta Rx™ is an orally active (and highly bioavailable) selective agonist for androgen receptors which was shown to have anabolic effects in muscle and bone tissue. It has been shown to have no measurable effect on luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), but it has been shown to have some effect on prostate weight, with an androgenic potency around 1/3rd of its anabolic potency. Still, this is a good trade-off, because it's anabolic effect has been measured to be roughly the same as testosterone. It has also been shown to produce dose-dependent increases in bone mineral density and mechanical strength in addition to being able decrease body fat and increase lean body mass.


What are the ingredients in Osta Rx?



The main ingredient in this supplement is Osta, also know very popularly as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. IronMagLabs was one of the first hard-core companies to innovate and popularize the Ostarine SARM as a physique enhancing agent. Now today, approaching the end of the year in 2015, the company continues to be the king of Ostarine supplements for men and women.

Ingredients: Ostarine 6.5mg (25) -3-(4-Canophenoxy)-N-(4-cyano-3- (triflouromethyl)phenyl)-2-methylpropanmide Proprietary Blend: 224mg mucuna Pruriens Extract (20% L-Dopa) (Seed), Tribulus Extract (45% Saponins) (Fruit). Longjack Extract (Root) (Eurycoma Longifolia), Fenuside (50% Saponins). Horny Goat Extract (10% lcarin) (Herb), Vitamin B-12 ( as Cyanocobalamin) (1%DV), Pyridoxal-5- Phosphate (Vitamin B6 (100%DV) Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Gelatina, Magensium Stearate, Silica.


Can Osta Rx be used by women safely?

Osta Rx is one of the only supplements in its class "Hardcore Anabolics" (non-steroid) that can be used by both males and females, this is one of the reason for widespread use of this supplement, and growth of its popularity in the United States today. The main ingredient responsible for the muscle building effects, is considered a SARM. Sarm's in short if you don't know already, stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Now Androgen receptors are in both men and women, and can be responsible for the expression of certain genes. Activation of these genes from Ostarine, kicks your body into overdrive in short, and gives you the ability of increased protein synthesis and an overall higher anabolic muscle building ratio. However hence the name, since Osta Rx only selectively targets receptors, it does not have the side effects of ana****c Ster***s, and don't produce the secondary male sex characteristic side effects, as other such drugs, that can produce similar muscle building effects. Women when taking this supplement, are advised to to take a lower RECOMMENED dose. Research has shown that side effects like prostate growth, hair growth, deepening of the voice, any the side affects you might normally worry about being a women, are virtually non-existent for the average subject. The manufacture doesn't state at the time of this article for women to take a lower dosage, however Legendary Supplements experts advise taking only one pill, twice daily. This would give you a total of eleven milligrams of Ostarine a day, enough for you to see noticeable results, but keep the chance of any potential side effects down.


How to take/dose Osta Rx by IronMagLabs?

  • Take three servings daily, spaced apart the best you can, eight hour intervals would be best if you shcedule allows this. You can take Osta Rx for up to eight weeks at a time, but do not continue use over/after eight weeks, without taking atleast 8 weeks off between cycles.
  • Since this product is non-liver toxic, a cycle support is NOT required. However you may still use one for general health if your stacking this supplement with other supplements.
  • PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is not requried with this supplement. Actually many hard-core guys use the product as a BRIDGE between realy anabolic cycles to help keep their gains, because it does not affect your hormones like most sarms/pros in it's class. You can literally take eight weeks of Ostarine, then completly stop with no PCT. However PCT supplements have a lot of benifits, normally providing anti-estrogen properties in your body, while at the same time enhancing, or increasing your natural testosterone levels. So you may take a PCT afterword to benifit you goals anyway if you wish.



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  1. Great for endurance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Apr 2014

    2nd week and very noticeable difference in endurance. Pumps are amazing and vascularity is great. Deeper sleep and libido is through the roof. Overall very impressed.