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Noxivol by CTD Sports -- Bringing the PUMPS to your Workout.

Noxivol Powder by CTD Sports

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CTD Sports Noxivol is a premium stimulant free pre workout to enhance nitric oxide production and increase pumps.

Nitric oxide is key signaling molecule in the body that enhances vasodilation, blood flow, nutrient delivery, athletic performance and pumps! If you can significantly elevate N.O. levels in the body preceding a workout, you’ll be set up for one of the most epic workouts of your life -- one filled with broken PRs and massive pumps!


How do you go about increasing N.O. levels in the body?!


With CTD Sports Noxivol -- a premium nitric oxide boosting, endurance maximum supplement using only the most effective ingredients around. Each serving of Noxivol ramps up the body’s natural N.O. producing abilities ensuring maximum vasodilation, blood flow, performance and muscle pumps!


Benefits of Noxivol


  • Enhanced Vasodilation

  • Improved Blood Flow

  • Better Nitric Oxide Production

  • Joint Support

  • Greater Endurance & Stamina

  • Increased Vascularity

  • Bigger Pumps


Noxivol Ingredients


Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG)


Arginine is the the amino acid responsible for driving nitric oxide production in the body. The higher plasma levels of arginine, the greater levels of nitric oxide produced, which makes for better performance, blood flow, vasodilation, and most important of all...PUMPS!


Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) is a more bioavailable form of L-Arginine, which makes it more effective in the body ensuring better uptake and utilization for better results.


Beta Alanine


The ultimate endurance boosting ingredient!


Beta Alanine increases muscle concentrations of carnosine, a powerful intracellular buffer. During intense exercise, hydrogen ions accumulate in muscle tissue, which causes a burning sensation in your muscles, ultimately leading to fatigue and lost reps.


Beta alanine increases your body’s buffering capacity, increasing your endurance and time to exhaustion for more productive workouts and bigger, better gains.




A powerful nonessential amino acid that helps remove ammonia, which is a metabolic waste product. Increased ammonia levels have been shown to decrease performance, and when left unchecked, can be extremely toxic and cause premature cell death. Ornithine enhances the ammonia removal process, leading to better endurance in your workouts.




Another amino acid, Histidine works with Beta Alanine to form carnosine in the body, which further serves to enhance your body’s buffering capabilities, leading to significantly better athletic performance and reduced fatigue.




A derivative of the BCAA Valine, Norvaline is a powerful inhibitor of arginase, an enzyme that restricts Nitric Oxide production. When norvaline inhibits arginase, it allows for optimal N.O. production in the body, yielding bigger pumps, improved blood flow, and increased vascularity.


Cissus Quadrangularis


A relative of the grape, cissus is an old world remedy used in the treatment of joints, tendons, and ligaments. Cissus is a powerful antioxidant in the body and can also help repair worn out or damaged tendons and ligaments from years of heavy lifting.




Not commonly thought of as a significant pump enhancer, rutaecarpine is an herb that promotes vasodilation by altering calcium levels in blood vessels. Stacking rutaecarpine with arginine and the other nitric oxide boosters in Noxivol significantly enhances blood flow to your muscles increasing nutrient delivery and muscle pumps!


Vanadyl Sulfate


Vanadyl sulfate is a trace mineral that enhances the body’s uptake of nutrients, making for more efficient transportation of glucose, amino acids, and protein into muscle cells -- ultimately enhancing athletic performance.




BioPerine is the industry-leading form of black pepper extract that enhances the bioavailability of all the other ingredients in Noxivol, ensuring their maximum effectiveness in the body.




A prominent acetylcholine booster, Alpha GPC is a premier form of choline that enhances focus, cognition, strength, and the ever important mind-muscle connection during training.