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Noxipro by CTD Sports -- Long-lasting Energy Pre Workout

Noxipro by CTD Sports

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Ships from Legendary Supplements Distribution Center in Arkansas, USA.
CTD Noxipro is your energy boosting solution for those workout days when you're dragging big time!

Noxipro powder is an extreme energy pre-workout designed to enhance nitric oxide systhesis and increase muscular strength and power.  It contains several ingredients designed to support nitric oxide production, mental focus, and extreme energy. 

Everyone’s had those days. Lack of sleep, long day at the office, and endless hours spent driving in the car. All of this adds up to one very tired, unmotivated and unfocused person. You know you need to go to the gym, but you simply don’t have the drive or energy to go anywhere but home.


These are the days you need a serious pre workout. One that will deliver a strong wake up call and give you the laser-beam focus to get work done in the gym.


Noxipro by CTD Sports is exactly what you need!


Noxipro delivers immediate and long-lasting energy to give you the power, motivation, and drive to get in the gym and go nuts on the iron. Each serving is packed with ingredients to enhance your stamina, strength, power, and endurance. One scoop is all you need to set your body into motion and start breaking PRs!

Benefits of Noxipro


  • Increased sense of euphoria

  • Limitless energy

  • Laser focus

  • Greater strength and power

  • Better endurance

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Enhanced fat burning

Noxipro Ingredients


Beta Alanine


Beta Alanine is the best known endurance-boosting ingredient on the market. It increase your body’s ability to buffer acidic ion buildup, which eliminates the “burning sensation” in your muscles, making for better stamina and less fatigue.


Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG)


Arginine is the amino acid responsible for nitric oxide production in the body. Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate is an “enhanced” form of arginine that is much more bioavailable than L-Arginine, which helps boost N.O. levels making for better performance and bigger pumps!


Creatine Monohydrate


The king of natural muscle builders, creatine monohydrate is the most proven supplement in the history sports nutrition. It enhances energy production, lean mass gains, strength, power, and endurance. It’s great for all sports for the sheer fact it makes you a better all around athlete!


Caffeine Anhydrous


A fast-acting form of caffeine that is 99.5% pure caffeine. Caffeine anhydrous provides the instantaneous spark in energy you need to get in the gym and get to work ASAP!


Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate


Infinergy is a combination of caffeine and malic acid that provides a smoother, longer-lasting boost in energy compared to the more intense, immediate kick that anhydrous brings. The combination of the two forms of caffeine provides a perfect mixture of instant and sustained energy during your workout and for hours afterwards.




Found in the Nandia plant, Higenamine (Norcoclaurine) is a powerful beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist which increases heart rate and releases a bit of adrenaline. Higenamine mobilizes stored body fat for use as fuel during exercise and when used alongside caffeine helps burn greater amounts of fat.




Another powerful beta receptor agonist, Synephrine is a potent alkaloid found in Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium). Synephrine functions as a potent beta-2 receptor agonist which stimulates lipolysis in the body allowing for greater fat burning and increased energy expenditure.


Capsicum Annuum Fruit


More commonly known as red pepper or chile pepper, Capsicum annuum is a fruit loaded with capsaicin -- the compound that gives chile peppers their tongue-numbing heat. Aside from setting your mouth ablaze, capsaicin also help rev up your metabolism, helping your burn more calories during the day. The pungent compound also helps combat inflammation in the body and provide a measure of pain relief too!


Alpha Yohimbine


When you want to burn fat during your workout and have a strong kick in energy simultaneously, you want Alpha Yohimbine. This form of Yohimbine is significantly stronger than regular Yohimbine, and requires a much smaller dose to feel its effects.

Alpha Yohimbine operates much the same at regular Y in that it prevents your body from storing fat as well as suppresses appetite and increases energy expenditure, making for an extremely productive, energized, fat burning workout!




We all know that focus is crucial to a productive workout, and there’s no more potent focus boosting compound than the nootropic Huperzine. This ingredient helps preserve the activity of the “learning neurotransmitter”, acetylcholine, by inhibiting the actions of acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that degrades acetylcholine in the body.


The end result is more circulating acetylcholine for better focus and a significantly stronger mind-muscle connection.