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MegaLax by Nutraceutical Innovations

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MegaLax by Nutraceutical Innovations

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Nutraceutical Innovations is known to give you the most capsules with the highest dosage.


Well they did it again. MegaLax by Neutraceutical Innovations gives you ,5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin,one of the most widely used natural test boosters available. Laxogenin is a plant steroidal constituent that will help you put on lean mass while increasing your testosterone levels naturally. The dosing of this product may vary from person to person because some people see results from 50mg a day while others used 150mg. Nutraceutical Innovations provides you with flexible dosing due to the sheer amount of capsules. 150mg (6 caps) a day will last you 30 days. 180 capsules of 25mg gives you a huge value for your money. This product not only works as a stand alone for natural enhancement but also is good to stack during a PCT. This supplement can also be used for women because it has no androgenic side effects.

Optimal Absorption- MegaLax uses TetraSorb absorption technology which protects the 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin from breaking down in the stomach and makes sure it reaches the absorption point so that you get ALL of the compound.


- Natural Test Booster

- Great Stacker

- Joint Health

- Strength Increase

-Lean Mass