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Mega DMZ Cutting Stack (For MEN ONLY)


- Mega DMZ By Legendary Supplements (M-Sten & DMZ powerful dual stack prohormone)

- Yellow Bullet By Hard Rock (one of our most hardcore fat burners!, has 25mg Ephedra Extract)

- A-HD Testosterone Booster (increase testosterone naturally)

- Cycle Support By Hard Rock (protect your liver and vital organs)

- Arime PCT Stage 5 By EPG (Post Cycle Therapy)





This stack was designed to help develop a lean overall physique. If you goal is gain lean muscle mass while cutting fat at the same time, this can may certainly be helpful to you. This stack makes you anabolic while helping you shred fat at the same time. Designed for MEN only. It is ideal to have perfect diet while taking this stack, if needed decrease your daily calorie/fat intake to meet you sufficient weight loss goals. If trying to sustain or build lean muscle mass while on cycle, to be most proficient keep your daily protein intake high while keeping your calories and fat intake low. Try getting lean sorces of protein from lean meats and protein shakes. Shredding fat while gaining lean muscle mass is a very hard thing acheive at the same time without supplementation. With The Mega DMZ cutting stack we are helping you to make your body "anabolic" so you can increase lean muscle mass with the powerful prohormones in Mega DMZ. We help you incenerate fat by adding "Yellow Bullet" Ephedra Extract to your stack. Yellow bullet will boost your metabilsm with 25mg of Ephedra extract, giving you clean eneregy that last for hours. We also added A-HD powder 28 servings. With A-HD you will have above normal natural testosterone production for the time of your cycle. This will aid making an "anabolic" enviroment for you muscle builing goals. Testosterone is the main male hormone, by increaseing this naturaly you could expect to increase strenth, size, sex drive, and recovery time. We also incorporate Cycle Support By Hard Rock. Cycle support will be included in this cycle to help protect your bodys liver and other vital organs when using supplementation.  The last supplement in the stack is Arime PCT Stage 5 for a complete Post Cycle Therapy.

Cycle Instructions:

First 4 Weeks: (These supplements are to be taken daily as described below)

* Mega DMZ (1) Capsule Twice Daily

* Cycle Support (2) Capsule Twice Daily

* Yellow Bullet (1) Capsule Daily

* A-HD (1) Scoop Daily

Last 4 Weeks:

* Arime PCT Stage 5 Post Cycle Therapy

"Armice PCT Stage 5 is be started the first day after you quit taking Mega DMZ,

and is to be taken for four continuous weeks to help maximize your gains"


Mega DMZ (click picture to access this products info)

Mega DMZ™ By Legendary Supplements
$79.99 $59.99 Mega DMZ™ By Legendary Supplements
When we started designing our newest supplement, we set out to create a superior supplement, a product that people would kill to get their hands on. Legendary Supplements had two major goals in mind when formulating...

 Yelow Bullet (click picture to access this products info)

  Yellow Bullet By Hard Rock
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Mega DMZ 8 Week Cutting Cycle (For MEN)

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