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M-stane by Dynamic Formulas

Dynamic Formulas has been around for awhile now. They have a reputation for making consistently good products, primarily single compound prohormones. The use the little white bottles like Competitive Edge Labs(CEL) did that helped market their items. Very comparable in look, and overall effectiveness to CEL. This little bottle packs a big punch for being 10mg of M-sten (Methylstenbolone). M-stane or M-sten has quickly became the market wide replacement users turn to for huge lean mass gains with zero conversion to estrogen, users are reporting an average of 10-12lbs of gains in a 4 week cycle.

Side effects are generally low with m-stane if proper dosages and cycle supports are used for healthy individuals. Cycle Support and PCT are recommended. We recommened cycle shield guard by EPG for the on cycle support, and stage 5 by EPG for post cycle support. A test booster can be added on cycle as well to enhance the overall effectiveness of the cycle and keep T levels optimal.

Recommended Cycle:

M-staneApex Male (Test Booster)

Shield Cycle Guard

Stage 5 PCT



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M-stane by Dynamic Formulas

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