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LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit at Legendary Supplements

LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit

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LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit

Cutting Andro Kit by LG Sciences is designed as a "dry" andro kit for those on a cutting phase of their training program.  For those looking for those single digits in body fat the Cutting Andro Kit is for you.

The Cut Andro Kit is designed with Class A and Class C prohormones that each work different pathways in your body to maximize your weight shredding results.  The kit contains three prohormones and a PCT supplement.

EpiAndrodelivers the intesity needed in the gym to workout hard and burn the calories needed to lose wegiht.

1-Androstenolonedelivers the hardening effected desired by most people on a cuttin phase.

17-ProAndrois a Class C androgen that delivers extra hardness and concentration which is perfect for competitors training for a contest.

Form-XTis the post cycle therapy (PCT) supplement that delivers a unique formulation of ingredients to support testosterone production to increase recovery time.

You don't need any additional supplements for liver support as long as you are healthy and eating a healthy diet.


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