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Lg Sciences Battle Hardner Kit at Legendary Supplements

Lg Sciences Battle Hardner Kit

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Lg Sciences Battle Hardner Kit

LG Sciences Battle Hardner Kit is all in-one lean mass building kit. It’s often very common for hard-core users of prohormones and supplements alike, to stack together pro-anabolic ingredients for added effect. This is commonly know as “cycling”. LG Sciences Battle Hardner Kit goes to work to help it’s user gain mass fast, and without bloating or water retention that users don’t want. 


How does LG Sciences Battle Hardner Kit work?


This stack includes three products that are PBOLD, 17-Pro Andro, and FORM-XT. PBOLD is know for it’s ability to convert to Boldenone. Boldenone is prized highly for several reasons around bodybuilders. It increases appetite, increases nitrogen retention, increases your bodies anabolic ratio, has low androgenic effects, and eases join pain and joint sensitivity. 17-Pro Andro is also known as Androstane. This ingredient converts in the body to DHT. DHT is occurs naturally in the male body. DHT is short for Dihydrotestosterone and is actually scientifically considered and Androgen hormone. It’s proven that DHT in studies, has up to three times more anabolic effect on the Androgen receptor that that of testosterone. Lastly this kit is has Form-XT. Form-XT is included to be taken at the end of the LG Sciences Battle Hardner Kit cycle. It’s included to help users keep their gains, and make a smooth transition off the the stack when “cycling off” this kit. The main function of this product is to decrease estrogen, and increase natural testosterone production in the body. This creates an a fair anabolic environment that sets the users up to keep their gains after discontinuing the cycle.

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