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Official Blackstone Labs Supplements Overview 2016


The company Blackstone Labs can be found online here at Legendary Supplements. This press release this morning is to inform customers on the new Blackstone Labs supplements available this year buy in the United States, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, and other countries world wide at Legendary Supplements. In this article, our supplement experts will show a brief overview of each supplement available in 2016. It's important to keep and eye on this brand, because their supplements change form year to year according to their history. The below list ranked and listed in order from most popular, to least popular at the time of this article. This press release lists the popularity ratings below from Legendary Supplements, but data was taken and analyzed across multiple major market places as well in addition.

List Of Blackstone Labs Popular New Products

  1. The brands newest release is Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme pre-workout supplement. This is updated version of Angel Dust pre-workout. To date this is the 4th version of the Angel Dust series. They will keep Angel Dust V2 around as company states it is powerful and efficient formula. However, Dust Extreme pre-workout is designed with more caffeine, and in addition DMAA. DMAA is a crazy almost banned stimulant ingredient.
  2. The company released a 1-Andro product recently called Blackstone Labs Chosen 1. This product is unique in that it features pharmaceutical liposomal delivery technology. This product converts to 1-testosterone in the body. 1-Testosterone is used identical to you'r bodies own natural testosterone. Idea for men looking for increase in lean muscle mass, libido, and energy.
  3. A very unique release for the company was Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse recently. The company brags about it being a effective, stimulant free fat burner. It has no stimulants and does it work behind the scenes to kill the fat. This product is idea for users that are sensitive to stimulants, and want a non-stimulant fat burner.

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