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The hard-core supplement brand just released their newest pre-workout called Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme this week. This product is highly controversial, highly potent, and definitely an official Blackstone Labs supplement. For years now DMAA, is considered to be the best, safest, ingredient on the market to target the central nervous system. It produces effects like mind blowing mental focus, long lasting sustained energy, increased blood flow, and endurance. In recent years, in the USA, DMAA based products have been taken off the market, with the backing and pushing of the FDA to remove all products containing DMAA. This obviously rises the question, is DMAA legal inthe USA? In short yes, but if you research the ingredinet on google, bing, or yahoo, you will find hundreds of articles about DMAA, stating that it is banned. This is not the case however. The Food And Drug Administration has repeatedly tried to ban the ingredient, and almost got it banned, but didn't. A company, and also a brand at Legendary Supplements, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, fought the FDA in court for years. Hi Tech stated how safe, effective, and natural DMAA is, and won a multi-year long battle with the government about the legality of banning this ingredient. As of now, June 29th, 2016, DMAA based products are legal, but it's a major gray area, and companies need to be carefull stil about it possible getting brought back up to be banned in the near future. As now, all purchase of DMAA based products, by citizens in the United States, and most countries around the world, it is safe to by product with this ingredient.