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Legendary Supplements Mobile Alerts

Legendary Supplements Mobile Alerts



Legendary Supplements Mobile Alerts Information


Questions & Answers


How do I unsubscribe?

Simply text STOP to 64600 and you if you wish un-subscribe, and stop receivign alerts form LegendarySupplements.com


When will I receive text alerts from Legendary Supplements?

Anytime we have a special sale, news event, or something exciting going on, we will be sure to let you know by sending you an alert. We will try our best to never make you feel like were spamming you, on average you will receive 3-5 alerts a month.


Does it cost anything to subscribe to alerts, or VIP messages?

Legendary Supplements mobile alerts are 100% free to sign up for, and always will be. We created VIP alerts to let our valued customers know about sales and spcials. However since these alerts are text messages, the user might be charged a normal text message rate from your carrier. However if you have a text message plan, you'r mobile phoen carrier will not charge per text message. So yes it's completely free, but make sure you have a text messaging plan so that you are not charged per text message basis.


If I decide to un-subscribe will Legendary Supplements delete my number? 

Yes, your number is deleted from the VIP text message alert system instantly anytime a users un-subscribes.


Will Legendary Supplements share my phone number, or any other information with outside parties?

No, Legendary Supplements never shares customer information with outside parties. See our Privacy Policy page for more info.