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AD-3 PCT: A Complete PCT In One Bottle!

New AD-3 PCT by Lecheek Nutrition is the latest and greatest Post Cycle Therapy. AD-3 consists of a full spectrum PCT which includes Armistane (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) which drastically lowers estrogen and increases natural testosterone production at a very fast rate. We at Lecheek Nutrition know you are looking for quality and overall PCT so we also included GH Support as well as Liver support to ensure your post cycle recovery is safe and effective.

Key Features
Aromatase Inhibitor
Crush Cortisol
Lean Dry Gains
Liver Support
GH Support
Destroy Estrogen


For years now, AD-3 PCT has been on the best selling post cycle therapy supplements on the market today. Why settle for less? AD-3 PCT is complete post cycle therapy supplement designed by Lecheek Nutrition. It can be taken after a prohormone cycle, or after anytype of mild hormone cycle. The product is desinged to to increase testosterone back to normal levels, while reducing or elimating estrogen at the same time. This is the idea enviroment to keep and maintain muscle from your cycle.


AD-3 PCT a

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It is ok.

After 10 days this product increased my libido due to a cycle of DMZ 2.0 I would buy again.

my go to after every cycle

AD 3 helps keep your gains and boosts your test levels quick. Felt back to normal by week 2. Always a good feeling knowing after a cycle you can count on a support supplement that's so reliable.


Great night time product along with night formula and test boosters


I love it i use it when I bridge my stack. 2 bottles does well

best pct on market

I used this product after my cycle of halo and I have to say iam very happy worked great keep my gain feel great and had good aggression in gym my favorite pct by far.