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Lean Body Labrada

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Lean Body Labrada

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60 Capsules per Bottle
Experience all day energy and fat burning support
Reduce hunger pangs and eliminate food cravings and binge eating
Reduce diet stress and depression

Labrada's NEW Lean Body Hi-Energy Fat Burner attacks fat by a unique pathway that is up to 5X more effective in keeping you on your diet!
All fat loss starts in your gut. If you can control your appetite, you eat less, and lose fat, it's that simple. Ordinary "fat burners" don't burn fat. They simply kill your appetite with a big dose of stimulants. Labrada's NEW Lean Body® Hi Energy Fat Burner goes way further by stopping appetite where it starts... in your gut! Only Lean Body® contains PhosphoLean® a cutting-edge, patented compound of NOPE and EGCG, clinically proven to help you stick to your diet by reducing hunger pangs, diet stress, food cravings, binge eating, and diet depression. Lean Body® also contains powerful stimiulants, along with PEA to increase feelings of well-being, mood enhancing amino acids, and Pikatropin™, a cutting edge "nootropic" that reduces that awful feeling of fatigue you can get during a tough diet.

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