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L-Glutamine by Met-Rx

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L-Glutamine by Met-Rx

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           Exercise Recovery

A product no stranger to the fitness/bodybuilding community is glutamine, which is a conditionally essential amino acid. Glutamine is just one of 20 amino acids and becomes essential at times of metabolic stress. The body can make glutamine but under those times of metabolic stress (such as with exercise or serious training) when plasma glutamine levels may decrease, supplemental glutamine may be needed.  Glutamine is a crucial component of muscle cells and the most abundant and highly concentrated free amino acid in blood and skeletal muscle. This amazing ingredient is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid and can also serve as an energy precursor.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (6G)

Servings Per Containe: about 67

Calories: 20

L-Glutamine: 6,000mg (6G)

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