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Isolation Whey Isolate Protein By Blackstone Labs

Isolation Whey Isolate Protein By Blackstone Labs

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Isolation Whey Isolate Protein By Blackstone Labs

Isolation Whey Isolate Protein By Blackstone Labs


Blackstone Labs has done it again with newest addition to the Blackstone supplement family, Isolation Whey Isoalte Protein By Blackstone Labs. Legendary Supplmenets has been a fan and supporter of Blackstone Labs brand and we are very excited about this new supplement. We are expected to carry their new Isolation Protein in the flavors Vanilla, and Chocolate. We have heard that more flavors will be released as the the protein gains traction with Blackstone fans. Isolation Protein is currently only avaialble 2 LBS tubs as well, but again as we have heard that as it gains tranction with Blackstone fans, bigger sizes of this supplement will release in the near future.Isolation protein will a have twenty four grams of high quality whey protein in ever single seving, in addition it also has fifty five grams of amino acids in every serving. If your a fan Blackstone Labs supplements, it's time to get swole with Isoaltion Protein.


Legendary Supplements recommends taking Isolation protin after training to help maximize recovery, and to help your body to support and build lean muscle mass. You may take a shake up to several times daily to help your body get the lean quality protein you need in your diet. For men looking to put on serious lean mass, Legendary Supplements recommends taking in your lean body weight ( LBM ) daily in protein when trying to put on muscle mass. For example if your ( LBM ) is one hundred and eighty pounds, we recommend when bulking to take in one hundred and eighty grams of protein a day. Isolation Whey Isolate Protein By Blackstone Labs can be an essential step in helping you reach your daily protein needs.



Isolation is 100% whey protein isolate. This means this just isn't some cheap tub of protein, this high quality whey protein. Let me explain further. When you visit a sports nutrition supplement website, for example Legendary Supplements, or a sports nutrition retail store in general where they sell supplements. Picking out a high quality protein that works is obviously the first thought that pops up in your head. Am I right? Of coarse I am, you want the best bang for your buck! That's not unreasonable request and Blackstone Labs is right there with their NEW high quality Isolation protein shake. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. So with hundreds or even thousands of protein shakes available on the market today, why choose Isolation? Well because ninety percent of protein out there is normally just a cheap by product of regular whey, that could also contain fillers as well. Whey protein is made from ingredients that are separated in manufacturing process from milk, then those ingredients are made into cheese, and whey protein realistically is a by-product of cheese. But let me explain even further. The Whey by-product of cheese that makes up all most protein shakes on the market can then be processes into several different types of whey protein in the initial manufacturing process that heavily weights in on the quality of whey that it can deliver to you. The three most common types of whey are Whey Concentrate, Whey Hydrolysate, and Whey Isolate. The most purest, best scientifically rated, and highest quality Whey protein you can get is Whey Isolate. This is why I said Isolation by Blackstone Labs "just isn't some cheap tub of protein, this is high quality whey protein". I like the saying you get what you pay for, and Blackstone Labs is giving you one hundred percent isolate Whey protein that is quickly and easily absorbed by the human body, and are highly bioavailable.

Isolation Protein Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop (100% Whey Isolate ) 

24 Grams Whey Protein

55 Grams of Amino Acids





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    Wow, my Isolation Protein Review today

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Sep 2015

    I was very skeptical to try this new Blackstone Labs Isolation Protein, not because I heard anything bad about it, but because there are so many protein brand on the market that have been around for a long time and have great reviews, so it's like why try a new one and risk wasting money? But I wen't for today, was feeling adventurous I guess lol. And wow people, I tried the Vanilla and hit me. Very strong Vanilla texture, almost like if you made a drink at your house and put really vanilla in it, was that good. I'm normally a chocolate guy too so was very impressed.

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