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Intra MD Supplement Reviews

Intra MD Supplement Reviews



Intra MD Supplement Reviews


LegendarySupplements.com asked some of our recent customers that have purchased Intra MD Intra Mountain Dog Pre-workout By Prime Nutrition to take the time to send us their detailed reviews on this supplement. These users were nice enought to share their unique expereince with Intra MD. We hope that these customers reviews on Intra MD will help you learn more about this Prime Nutrition supplement and help you make a more educated choice.



Alexandra Holly Intra MD Supplement Review

My name is Alexandra and I would say I’m very new to bodybuilding, or lifting weights. I'm currently thirty two years old and weigh one hundred twenty seven pounds. Working out now for say a year and a half with very good results. I've slimed up quite a bit, with only about fifteen percent body fat. But, about five months ago I noticed a hit a wall and it was terrible. No matter what I did I couldn’t' go up in weights and run longer times or anything. Talking to my personal trainer friend I decided to completely change every aspect of my workout to mix it up and keep my body guessing so I continue to see progress. Hiring him on to train me was amazing but after working ten hour shifts, then training with him I just couldn't handle it after a few weeks. I was so tired and felt down all the time because of my hard training and long days. My body wasn't healing quickly enough and it was my second my problem. Not healing quickly enough. My trainer told me to try Intra MD as it is a blend of amino acids I need to help me recover quicker. I did and noticed a significant increase in my time it take my body to heal. Ill absolute kill it at night time in the gym. Then, get up, go to work, and do it over again the next night. I needed something else and this is helping so far! - Alexandra - New South Wales, Australia