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Innovative Laboratories Monster Plexx at Legendary Supplements

Innovative Laboratories Monster Plexx

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Innovative Laboratories Monster Plexx

Innovative Labs Moster Plexx is is pro-anabolic supplement at Legendary Supplements. This product is designed for men wanting a serious anabolic edge. Get big, get ultimate mass, get Monster Plexx! This product is designed with goal in mind, to delivery Monster mass to it's users in a short amount of time. It contains three proprietary blends, totaling 650 milligrams per serving. 

Some of the notable, significant anabolic ingredients are the Andros in Monster Plexx convert to testosterone in the body. Benefits of increased testosterone are strength, agression, muscle mass, faster recovery times and elevated libido levels. Another main ingredient is Laxoginin. This ingredient is an all-natural plant derived extract that helps with protein synthesis.


Women should not use this product. Recommended for healthy adult males, 21 years or olders. Take 1 serving, twice daily, for 4 weeks.


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