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HydroxyElite is world's most advanced weight loss aid on the market. The customer reviews speak for them self. Not only is HydroxyElite the a top-rated Fat Burner at Legendary Supplements in the United States, but it is also known word wide as of twenty sixteen. At the time of this article February twenty seventh, twenty sixteen, the product is also on of last supplements left on the market with the famous DMAA ingredient. Now DMAA stands for 1,3-Dimethylamylamine. The FDA has been cracking down hard on companies that contain DMAA in their supplements. In twenty fourteen, and twenty fifteen, the FDA has successfully scared every major company to stop manufacturing supplements that contain DMAA. However, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has fought back, and fought back hard to say the least. For years Hi Tech, the inventor of HydroxyElite has fought the USA government on keeping DMAA alive, and as of the time of this article it is still alive and legal for Hi Tech Pharma to manufacture and sell the DMAA ingredient in it's fat burner formulations. Basically the owners of Hi-Tech were not happy with it getting banned, and thus kept it around because of their political power and knowledge. However, you will find articles on major search engines that say the famous 1,3-Dimethylamylamine is banned by the FDA, and is no longer legal. This is not the case, at least not for the makers of HydroxyElite anyway. They have formed them self a legal loop hole and are legally selling HydroxyElite world wide, including in the USA and know one can stop them until it proven to be a banned supplement, and they finish their court sessions, which by the way could take years.