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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenix is uniqe anti-estrogen proprietary blend supplement. Estrogenix was made one single goal in mind, to block estrogen, or suppress it. Hard core users cycling prohormones, anabolic steroids, or other ingredinets that can cause an increase in estrogen need to be put in check, Estrogenix can this for it's users.


How does Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenex work?


Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenix is designed to block and suppress estrogen in the male body for multiple reasons. Genetics play a big part in how sensitive the testosterone to estrogen ratio are balanced in the male body. With this being said a man can easily have accelerated estrogen production cycling prohormones or anabolic steroids in general for example. The most common reason a man can have increased estrogen levels, is from increased testosterone. Increased testosterone leads to a increased in estrogen. Testosterone naturally converts to estrogen threw aromatization. In the male body, in a healthy young man, the body normally maintains a healthy estrogen to testosterone balance. However, as we age, or use anabolics that put estrogen levels out their normal levels, sometimes a man needs help to keep the estrogen levels under control. This is where is Estrogenix comes into play. Estrogenix suppresses the metabolites from testosterone conversion to estrogen in the body. This leads to less estrogen, and more free testosterone, which is the idea ratio men want to sustain a lean, hard, non bloated look. Not to mention elevated estrogen levels can have multiple side effects. One of the scariest and most notable side effects is called Gyno. 




Can Estrogenix get rid of Gyno or bitch tits?


Estrogenix can help and possibly eliminate bitch tits, also called gynecomastia. If you are taking prohormones or anabolic that convert to estrogen, it is 100% possible that you could develop gyno. Gynecomastia is development of female breast tissue, water retention or fluid build up, and sensitive nipples. It’s not joke! It’s real, and it could be you. Supplementing your next cycle with Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenix dramatically reduces the possibility of a user developing estrogen related side effects like Gyno, and bloating.



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Half and Half

I cant write too much about it due to the fact that it works but also has some negatives to it. Some days it hardens you up and might see an extra vein. Then the next day you see and feel extra water weight on you like it almost converts to estrogen. Not sure about this.