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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Holly Holmes Sponsorship

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Holly Holmes Sponsorship


Holly Holmes, the UFC preacher’s daughter, is sponsored by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. The company Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is know for it’s hardcore supplements, such as HydroxyElite, Lipodrene, Anavar, DianabolAndrodiol, Decabolin, Bulasterone, Black Widow, Superdrol, Fastin, 1-AD, Equibolin. Chances are that you have heard of more than one of these products, and probably several if you know much about supplements at all. The UFC criticized Holly Holmes heavenly about being sponsored by the company last year in 2015. The UFC is know for it’s strict anti-doping rules for it’s fighters. When Holly Holmes took the sponsorship, it set a red flag with UFC executives as they were scared that one of the signature “well known” fighters would be representing a company such as Hi-Tech. As someone might imagine, since the company is known for it's DMAA based fat burners. The company repeatedly uses cutting edge ingredients that are on the edge, or could be close to, being banned by the FDA in the United States. With names such as Dianabol, Decabolin, Superdrol, and Anavar, it’s easy to get the wrong opinion about Holly Holmes Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals sponsorship. However, the company only makes and manufactures legal ingredients that are not banned by the FDA in anyway. DMAA was almost banned by the FDA, however it is found naturally in nature, and there have been serious side-effects reported above normal compared to any other main-stream ingredient on the market today.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Holly Holmes Sponsorship



Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Holly Holmes Sponsorship continues in 2016


In 2016, Holly Holmes is the face of the giant pharmaceutical company. Millions of americans have tried Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals supplements at Legendary Supplements. The brand continues to grow, despite numerous efforts of the United Stated FDA truing to shut down their flag ship DMAA ingredient. 


Article by Cody Smith

Date 07/29/2016


Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Holly Holmes Sponsorship