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Green Tea + Raspberry Keytones + Green Cofee Bean By Delta Labs - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

Green Tea + Raspberry Keytones + Green Cofee Bean By Delta Labs

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Green Tea + Raspberry Keytones + Green Cofee Bean By Delta Labs

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Green Tea + By Delta Labs


Formulated for today's health-conscious woman looking for a safe, sensible, and clinically proven approach to natural weight loss, Green Tea Plus combines the proven potency of seven natural weight loss aids, including the most highly tested energy boosters ever - Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean - into a unique formulation to help support your weight-loss goals!

Green Tea
Discover the Power of Green Tea
Green tea is clinically proven to help you lose weight and feel great!
Green Tea is one of nature's safest, healthiest, and most remarkable natural ingredients.

Derived from the vivacious leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, Green Tea contains many compounds, including Polyphenols and Catechins that provide tremendous health and fitness benefits.

And today, a growing body of clinical science is revealing that Green Tea can help you shed those unwanted pounds by boosting metabolism, increasing daily calorie burning, and improving natural energy. Moreover, Green Tea is clinically proven to increase the body's key fat burning hormone - norepinephrine - for up to 24 long-lasting hours.

Plus, unlike other weight loss ingredients, Green Tea is incredibly healthy for you too. It's clinically proven to provide powerful antioxidant protection for stronger, healthier cells, and offers many anti-aging benefits.

More Control for Emotional Eating & Food Cravings
Feel in control morning, noon, and night with long-lasting appetite suppression.
If you're struggling to eat a balanced diet and avoid giving in to cravings, you're not alone. It's believed that the number one reason most diets fail is because they are too restrictive, inevitably leading to intense hunger cravings and temptations. With this, Green Tea+ can help.

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Green Tea+ is fortified with a high potency appetite control blend from nature's richest fruits and maritime delights, including Raspberry Ketones, Grape Seed Extract, and Green Coffee Bean. Scientifically proven to work, these ingredients are included to help support healthier eating habits, curb emotional eating desires, and reduce hunger cravings. We want you to feel in control, and not like you're on another diet, so you can better achieve your weight loss goals.

Only the Highest Quality, All-Natural Ingredients Inside
Green Tea+ was formulated with the bigger picture in mind - Your health.
Green Tea+ contains our prized-selection green tea extract and all-natural herbs that have been tested and used for centuries to boost metabolism and burn off stubborn body fat. Our formula is guaranteed free from unsafe chemical compounds, dangerous diuretics, and harmful stimulants that cause jitters and mood swings. We've put only the best inside every capsule so you can put the best into your body - every day.

Plus, every bottle of Green Tea+ is manufactured under strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines in a facility that carries the prestigious NSF Certification. This guarantees unsurpassed quality control and safety in every capsule you use.


Green Tea+ in Action
Get the quick facts plus learn everything you need to know Green Tea+, right here.
See first-hand why thousands of health-conscious woman looking for a safe, sensible, and clinically proven approach to natural weight loss, are turning to Green Tea+.
In just under 3 minutes, you'll discover the secret behind Green Tea, learn why Green Tea+ is so effective, and how it will help support your weight-loss goals from day one!

Green Tea FAQ
Q: Is Green Tea + Safe?
A: Expertly formulated, Green Tea + is a dietary supplement containing only the highest quality ingredients and manufactured in accordance with the FDA's current Good Manufacturing Procedures. (cGMP) Delta Labs products also carries the prestigious NSF Certification too, guaranteeing unsurpassed quality control in every capsule.
Q: Who should take Green Tea +?
A: Anyone who wants to naturally boost metabolism, burn fat, supress hunger and enhance alertness and mental focus.
Q: Is there caffeine in Green Tea +?
A: There is a small amount of caffeine, approximately 1/2 the amount that is in a five ounce cup of brewed coffee.
Q: Is this Green Tea + all natural
A: Yes, the entire Delta Labs product line is made from a 100% all natural herbal formula.
Q: Will I feel jittery from Green Tea +?
A: You should not feel jittery at all. If you are very sensitive to caffeine, you might experience a slight jittery feeling. If you do feel a little jittery, switch to one capsule twice a day.
Q: Does iced green tea have the same health benefits as freshly brewed green tea
A: If you brew it yourself, yes. If it's “green tea” in a bottle from a grocery store, it probably doesn't have the same benefits as natural green tea. Also, be aware that the healthy antioxidants in green tea are diminished over time if the tea is not refrigerated.
Q: What if I need to return my product
A: We're so confident that you'll love our products so much that we offer a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee on everything we sell. If you are not convinced that we make the finest quality natural products you have ever tried, send us back the empty bottle, and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

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