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Gaspari Nutrition HyperAmino at Legendary Supplements

Gaspari Nutrition HyperAmino at Legendary Supplements

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Gaspari Nutrition HyperAmino at Legendary Supplements

Gaspari Nutrition HyperAmino at Legendary Supplements

Gaspari Nutrition HyperAmino


Gaspari Nutrition’s HyperAmino is basically an amino acid supplement which provides both athletes and body builders with immense health benefits. HyperAmino as its name implies is a product filled with amino acids which helps in generation of intense energy in the body. The highly proficient team of Gaspari Nutrition has taken some of the most powerful amino acids, and it has intelligently tweaked those amino acids with the help of highly innovative and cutting edge technology, to aid the muscle growth process of athletes, while at the same time enhancing their endurance level for rapid recovery after intense workout session.  

HyperAmino is much more than just a regular BCAA blend, it consists of some of the most beneficial aminos, which provides your body support in a wide range of areas which includes rapid recovery, and improved circulation rate of anabolism. HyperAmino is a supplement filled with unique energy blend, which gives it a competitive edge over some of its competitors in the market.

HyperAmino includes some of the most efficient and effective combination of branched chain amino acids including; Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine, which provides the body with a unique ability of triggering the process of muscle protein synthesis. HyperAmino also consists of Lysine, Methoine, and L-Tyrosine, which provide the muscles with essential support for growth. It also includes some novel elements in its formula which includes Theophylline; it helps in relaxing the muscles, and L-Theanine; it helps in increasing the overall productivity while reducing the level of stress during intense workout sessions.


HyperAmino also includes L-Taurine and L-Glutamine, both these elements helps in speeding up the recovery process, along with that they also aid the alleviation of the muscle damage. L-Taurine keeps the body to remain in a pro-recovery state for the whole day, allowing fast recovery of the damaged muscles.

Gaspari Nutrition has also equipped HyperAmino with two of most substantial and vigorous nitric oxide boosters; L-Arginine, and L-Citrulline. Both these elements allows the athletes in maintaining a good circulation of nutrients, and oxygen, which helps in enhancing the overall performance, while at the same time it also aids the muscle recovery process.

Some of the major benefits, which could be availed by athletes and body builders by using HyperAmino includes:

  • Enhancing the overall growth of the lean muscles
  • It provides strong antioxidant support
  • It provides powerful energizer for the body
  • It helps in increasing the stamina, and endurance level of the body.

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  • 5
    HyperAmino Gummy Candy

    Posted by Ray Stickler on 18th Jun 2017

    I have recently been using HyperAmino Gummy Candy flavor. I used it a few different times in different situations and it came through every time. Nice BCAA product (2:1:1) with some nice extras (Caffeine). I work out fasted and use BCAA's religiously...and this definitely passed the test! I Also deliver mail in AZ and the extra boost was nice (as well as great flavor). Mixes effortlessly and the taste is spot on! I'd recommend trying this product!

  • 5
    Great Tasting Pick Me Up

    Posted by Bryan on 16th Jun 2017

    Recently I got the chance to try out HyperAmino Gummy Candy flavor
    First let's start with the taste. Gaspari did a really good job of capturing the gummy flavor. I find 20 ounces of water to be the sweet spot.
    Profile: HyperAmino uses a 2:1:1 ratio in their BCAA Matrix. On top of this you get some other goodies such a Citrulline, caffeine, L-Glutamine, and some other nice additions
    Pros: Great Flavor, nice energy drink replacement, trusted brand, good value

    Cons: would like to see a more open label
    Overall: I give these a solid 9/10 and would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a good BCAA blend with a pick me up

  • 5
    Excellent Taste! Great Energy!

    Posted by HKosaka on 15th Jun 2017

    I had the opportunity to try out the Rainbow Italian Ice and let me say, it is hands down the top 3 best tasting Amino drinks I ever had. Other drinks have don't mix well, ESPECIALLY with ice water. But HyperAmino mixed instantly with ice water. It's a bit too sweet for my taste with the recommended amount of water, so I dilute it with more water and a larger bottle (More to sip on!). Overall an excellent Amino Acid drink.

  • 5
    My favorite aminos

    Posted by DM on 15th Jun 2017

    I have been a user of another popular caffeinated amino product but saw how much better HyperAmino is. So glad I changed my mind!!

  • 5
    Amazing test and great recovery

    Posted by Jeremiah on 15th Jun 2017

    I have been using hyperamino for about two weeks and I love the taste, I take 3 scoops a day and I love the energy it gives my during the day and the decreas in my recovery time is why I will be using it again for sure

  • 5
    Amazing taste and energy

    Posted by Tricia on 15th Jun 2017

    I tried the Gummy Candy and first of all let me say it tastes just like Gummy candies! Secondly the boost of energy it gives me during fasted cardio is just what I need to push through. Thirdly it's so affordable. I really do love this product. Gaspari Nutrition this is a game changer for me!

  • 5
    Very Versatile

    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2017

    I love this product because it's mild enough for my wife to use (at one scoop) but strong enough for me to use as well (at two scoops). It also tastes great with no crash. I highly recommend it!