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Gaspari Nutrition HyperAmino


Gaspari Nutrition HyperAmino, the company wanted to come up with a product which is long lasting, and more importantly a no crash energy supplement, which stands on its own, and provides athletes with intense amount of energy, and a high level of endurance during rigorous work-out sessions.  

HyperAmino the solution to all of your problems!


What is HyperAmino?

HyperAmino just like its name implies is an Amino Acid which provides athletes and body builders with insane amount of energy. Through HyperAmino, Gaspari Nutrition has kept up its reputation of introducing the most innovative, and vigorous energy supplements which successfully quenches the “Hard to Please” thrust of all the athletes and body builder. Gaspari Nutrition through its highly innovative, and proficient team of scientists have taken some of the most powerful amino acids and tweaked all those amino acids in a single supplement using the cutting-edge technology to enable athletes to enhance their energy level faster for a longer period of time.  

HyperAmino could be termed as a break through supplement, which is filled with branched chain amino acids, and other elements which speeds up the process of muscle recovery after intense work-out routines. HyperAmino is the only supplement which is designed to be used before, after, and even during the training sessions. It helps in kick starting the process of protein synthesis, which plays an essential role in the growth and recovery of the muscles. 

HyperAmino does not only offer your body amino acids which are vital for the body to increase the overall performance. It also includes a substantial amount of sulphur containing amino acids such as Taurine, it supports hydration process of the muscles during rigorous work-out sessions. HyperAmino is the only supplement which offers clinically validated amino acids that are essential for aiding muscle growth.


HyperAmino Ingredients

BCAA 2:1:1 matrix

HyperAmino acid is the only supplement in the market which possess a combination of unconventional stims, along with a highly comprehensive amino acid matrix. It is composed of Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine, all of the elements provides athletes with the ability of triggering the process of the protein synthesis in the muscles. Along, with that these elements also help in reducing the recovery time, through decreasing soreness in the muscles, which usually occurs due to intense workout sessions.


L-Glutamine and L-Taurine

HyperAmino also includes the L-Glutamine and L-Taurine, which improves the overall recovery process of the muscles, and also aids the process of alleviating soreness, and damage in the muscles, which usually occurs due to intense workout sessions. Both these elements also help in keeping the body in a pro-recovery state throughout the whole day allowing it to recover faster.   

L-Glutamine and L-Taurine supports the optimal blood process, and they also boost the levels of nitric oxide which helps in causing vasodilation.

Two other elements which are clinically proven nitric oxide boosters are L-Citrulline and L-Arginine. They help in keeping you healthy, while at the same time helps in maintaining a good circulation for the muscles, which ensures a consistent delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body.

Ilex Guayusa Extract

Guayusa helps in boosting the metabolism rate of the muscles, and it also supports the weight loss diets.  It also helps in eliminating and reducing constipation, while at the same time it also boosts the physical energy levels among athletes and body builders. 

It also includes other elements like Theophylline, Theobromine, and L-Theanine. Theobromine is a stimulant, which helps the athletes to feel good and relaxed even during intense and rigorous work-out sessions.  that is found in almost all energy drinks. t loss. ns a good circulation for the muscles, which ensures a delvier

These elements help in the reduction of stress, and helps in enhancing the productivity. Theophylline, helps in keeping the muscles relaxed, and also facilitates breathing process during intense work-out routines. 


Guarana Extract

It is an alkaloid that is found in almost all energy drinks. It is used as a cognitive stimulant, and is a natural energizer, which also helps in the weight loss.

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Why HyperAmino?

Currently, the amino acid market is just blowing up with multitude of products entering the markets consistently. Gaspari Nutrition with HyperAmino has been successful in developing a product which is completely different from a wide range of typical BCAA products currently available in the market, moreover, it costs much lower than all the products offered by other brands. Furthermore, along with three essential BCCA’s Gaspari Nutrition through HyperAmino offers you the ability of enhanced muscle stimulants for energy, and pumps, which aids in the process of weight loss. HyperAmino is an amino acid product which goes far beyond the normal expectation of all the athletes and body builders.


Key Benefits

Following are some of the key benefits of using HyperAmino:

  • It provides your body with powerful antioxidant support
  • Rapid enhancement of the lean muscle growth
  • Rapid recovery of sore damaged muscles
  • It provides your body with powerful energizer of the body muscles
  • Increase in the stamina, and endurance level


How many doses of HyperAmino Should I take in a day?

It is recommended to add a single scoop of around 4oz to 10oz in water, or any other beverage that you like. Simply stir the powder in glass, or put it in a shaker cup. In order to witness the best results, take HyperAmino whenever you require energy boost, it could be used before, after, and even during training.

Make sure that you do not exceed to more than 3 servings in single day.



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