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This ultra-hardcore, potent, 100% natural test booster is designed for the hardcore sports users looking to gain massive size and strength. FENUMASS is made with only the best testosterone booster ingredients on the market. We’ve made sure that all ingredients are at full clinical doses and have been used in human trials.

FENUMASS, the most powerful testosterone product to be dropped on the market today, will deliver a natural testosterone surge that you will be able to see and feel in both the bedroom and on the bench press!

  • Torabolic and Testosurge: two trademarked Fenugreek extracts shown to help support testosterone levels.
  • Contains 500mgs of each Torabolic and Testosurge per serving.
  • Full 1 month supply
  • Contains estrogen inhibitors like Astragulas Membranaceus Extract, Tongkat Ali and Chinese Peony Extract
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FenuMass Natural Test Enhancer by ProSupps 120 capsules

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