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EpiCat by Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements


What is EpiCat by Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplemnets? In short it's a plant extract, that has muscle building growth properties when supplemented on a daily basis. It is an all-natural ingredient, deriving from the cocoa plant, and grown most commonly in South American countries. I would consider this a pro-anabolic compound, even though yes it is not synthetically made. This is because Blackstone Labs EpiCat main ingredient epicatechin, has the ability to block Myostatin in the body. This gives users a huge advantage of building lean quality, muscle mass at more rapid rate than normal. History tell us one thing, and this is very exciting for those of us wanting to get big, or forget that huge! History tells us that humans, mice, and even cattle and that have naturally lacked the gene "Mystatin", have had substantially more muscle mass throughout their bodies, than individuals that do that the Mystatin gene. What does this tell us about EpiCat? It tells us that if we use EpiCat to help block, or reduce Mystatin in the body, we can support and maintain more muscle mass, based on historical evidence of coarse. Muscle pumps that are more intense, or bigger that usual are also more common when taking EpiCat, as PJ Braun describes below in his official video relase of EpiCat. Buy Blackstone Labs EpiCat, and experience it for yourself.




EpiCat by Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements Highlights:

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Block/Reduce Myostatin gene 
  • Elevated Mucle Pumps
  • Increase endurance & reduce fatigue


EpiCat by Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements Supplement Facts


Green Tea - This tea is loaded with a lot of antioxidants. It also contains a natural source of caffeine, giving you a energy boost, and mental focus boost.

Epicatechin - Most commonly known from being extract from Cocoa Plants, this compound has the ability, or should I say effect, to block Myostatin in the body. Myostatin is actually encoded in genes in human body. By blocking this genes ability to product Myostatin, your body will be able to product and maintain more quality lean muscle mass.





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EpiCat by Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements

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