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Anyone that has read about, or had practical experience with PHs and anabolics,knows that sometime STACKING several compounds together can occasionally cause an unexplained synergistic effect. With anabolic compounds sometime 1 + 1 does NOT equal 2. Instead it equals 3 or 4! That's the effect we noticed with combination of the ingredients in EPI Smash! During experimentation we were surprised to find unusually potent strength and size gains without and water retention, gyno, acne, or other side effects like lethargy. Most people of our testers lost body fat at the same time as gaining muscle, and described EPI Smash as "trans-formative"!

What is this 6-chloro that's in EPI Smash (along with the Epistane - 10mg per cap)?

6a-Chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one - 20mg per cap

· Powerful anabolic, rated at 300:80 (anabolic:androgenic) vs. testosterone.

· Cannot convert to estrogen; immune to the effects of aromatase. · Intrinsically active compound /w no conversion required.

· Non-methylated, yet resistant to some aspects of CYP-mediated metabolism due to the Chloro group at C6.

6a-Chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one represents the next generation of legal androgens: Extremely effective, dry, and non-methylated, it stacks well with everything, and is more than adequate for solo runs. In terms of results, this 6-chlorinated compound is almost equal to harsher androgens such as M1,4ADD and Halodrol; in terms of toxicity, this compound cannot even be compared to them. It's MUCH SAFER AND MUCH MILDER. You won't need to buy a liver support, you won't need to shun alcohol like the plague, and you'll still gain a good 8-10 pounds of solid muscle, while increasing strength and endurance and improving your body composition. Where anabolics and androgens are concerned, 6-Chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one is the intelligent choice. A non-toxic, non-estrogenic, strong anabolic.

Read Mike Arnold's great article on Epistane!

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