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EPG 12 Week Body Transformation Kit for MEN

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This product has been discontinued, check out our prohormone category to find other popular prohormone supplements.

 EPG 12 Week Body Transformation Kit for MEN


This Bodybuilding kit consists of four supplements all designed by Extreme Product Group. In this kit you will receive two Shield Cycle Guard by EPG, one Osta Lean 60 Day, and one Arime Stage PCT 50. This supplement stack is designed for men to help you increase lean muscle mass, and to help you transform your overall look in as a twelve week period. This stack, along with proper nutrition and exercise program, will help you achieve your most distant fitness goals. If you haven’t heard already, in twenty fifteen, "Ostarine" has become the hard-core users supplement of choice to help them achieve their fitness goals. Ostarine, or also know as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, debatably of coarse, could easily be stated that "it is the most anabolic hard-core legal supplement available, in the USA, that is still legal!". SARMS have shown in numerous scientific studies to have the same anabolic effect as some illegal anab***c ster***s. However, without all of the harsh side effects normally associated with anab***c ster***s. Because SARMS, or Ostarine are designed to just target muscle tissue, or bone growth, selectively throughout your body. Again as of 2015 Ostarine is legal in the in all fifty states. There are several different types of SARM's, buy Extreme Product Group designed Osta Lean to target muscle tissue growth, and bone.



Questions And Answers on EPG 12 Week Body Transformation Kit for MEN


How do I take this stack?
First Eight Weeks:
Osta Lean (Take 2 capsules one daily for first 8 weeks)
Shield Cycle Guard (Take 2 Capsules twice daily for the first 8 weeks)

Last Four Weeks:
Arime Stage 50 PCT "Post Cycle Therapy" (Take 1 capsule twice daily for last 4 weeks)

Can women use this supplement kit? No not really, let me explain. Women can take Osta Lean, but not at the same dosage as men. Women should take only one capsule a day of Osta Lean if they do use it. Women at this dose shouldn't have any side effects or any manly side effects, according to the manufacture. Women should not buy this kit however, as they cannot use the PCT supplement in it, Arime Stage PCT 50. This is because this PCT is also a testosterone booster, something most women don't want play around with. We recommend purchasing a single bottle of Osta Lean and take it at one capsule a day.
Is Ostarine, SARM's or Osta Lean in general legal in the USA? Yes it is one hundred percent legal. However, customers outside of the USA please check with countries laws before purchasing.


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